Tiger Woods and Charles Barkley


In the world of sports, friends turning into enemies isn’t as uncommon as one would think. While winning together does give you an unspoken bond, the crumbling of relations is all too common. For a former NBA MVP (and a legend in Philadelphia and Phoenix) it is actually a recurring theme. Whether it was his golf partner Michael Jordan or a certain golfing legend, Charles Barkley has seen many relationships wither away.

In 2017, the legendary golfer Tiger Woods came under a lot of scrutiny. He was already past his heyday and the golfer had notably gone through some tough times. Whether it was reports of extramarital affairs or the SUV crashing, Woods’ name had taken a hit. Unfortunately, the incident in 2017 involved another driving mishap. This time around, the 14-time Majors winner plead guilty to a DUI count in Jupiter. Considering his previous history with locomotives, the media wasn’t as forgiving.
Tiger Woods
However, his fellow athletes were there to support the legendary man. Jack Nicklaus, whose record 18-Masters victories Tiger was on pace to beat, reached out to Woods.”I feel bad for Tiger. Tiger’s a friend. He’s been great for the game of golf. He needs our help. I wish him well.” 

But, the comments did not sit well with a certain NBA legend. Talking to Bleacher Report, Chuck made his opinion on Jack’s comments clear. “Even Jack Nicklaus, somebody I really respect, talking about, ‘Tiger really needs help.’ Well, he don’t know that. We don’t know if Tiger has a drug problem.” 

Even with a relationship no longer present, the incident was a true testament of Chuckster‘s loyalty to Tiger Woods. He would call out a golfing legend for making assumptions about his former friend. But what happened that put this lovely bond in the rearview mirror?

The Charles Barkley – Tiger Woods story

While they were close friends early on, Charles Barkley and Tiger Woods’ friendship took a downturn after the latter’s car crash in 2007.

The incident that changed the trajectory of his career also led to a loss of a true friendship.

As Chuck has iterated various times, the communication between the two stopped all of a sudden. As a result, the two men remained far apart in their own worlds. Barkley has made his disappointment about the situation quite public over the years.

However, even with a checkered history, it hasn’t changed Chuck’s loyalty to the man. Perhaps, unlike his friendship with Michael Jordan, this one can be repaired. What do you think?