Ryan Garcia returns to action this Saturday night when he faces Oscar Duarte, exclusively live on DAZN.

The Californian star is back in the ring and he’s aiming to get his sole loss out of his system after being stopped by Gervonta Davis earlier this year in what was one of 2023’s biggest boxing events.

Garcia was stopped with a sickening body in the fight’s seventh round, but the defeat hasn’t dampened his confidence and he’s ready to prove himself once again.

If successful against Duarte, Garcia will once again target the sport’s most glamorous names and he’s had his say on how a potential sequel against “Tank” could look.

“I feel I’m the better fighter. I don’t care what anybody says,” said Garcia when appearing on The Last Stand podcast.

“I know I’m the better fighter, and if I get my rematch, I’m gonna beat him. And, you know, regardless of the outcome of the first fight, I know I could come back, and I could beat him.”

Gervonta Davis is one of the hottest properties in boxing right now with no shortage of call outs from his rivals.

Tank’ is coming off a victory over Ryan Garcia back in April – the biggest commercial fight of the year, with reports suggesting the event brought in over 1 million pay-per-view buys.

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Since then Davis has made more headlines for his actions out of the ring rather than in it, serving time in jail after breaking a house arrest order.

It’s not the first time ‘Tank’ has been in trouble with the law, and he seems to think only that has the potential to upset his superstardom.

Gervonta davis

When it was put to him that Devin Haney and Shakur Stevenson could have the beating of him, the Baltimore native was adamant the only person he has to worry about is himself.

“You got the last one right – that’s the only person that could beat me, Gervonta Davis. That’s the only person. Those others cannot touch me at all.

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They’ve all been in the ring with me and I’ve cracked them both.

Devin Haney is no 50/50 fight, how you going to keep me off him when he’s got no power. I sparred him twice – the first time his father took him out the ring, I almost knocked him out in Floyd’s gym, did they tell you that?”

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The Haney fight might have to wait with ‘The Dream’ making the move up to 140lbs, where it’s expected he’ll take on Regis Prograis for the WBC title. Stevenson has made no secret of his difficulties finding an opponent, but it now looks likely he’ll face Edwin De Los Santos for the vacant WBC lightweight belt.

As for Davis, he’s aiming to return before the end of the year, with a rematch with Isaac ‘Pitbull’ Cruz being the current front-runner.

“On God, I’m Betting My Life Savings on You”: Months After Generating $22.8 Million Gate With Gervonta Davis, Fans Elated as Ryan Garcia Gives Tentative Timeline for Boxing Return

JUST IN: Bob Arum Says One Man Is Standing In The Way Of Gervonta Davis-Shakur Stevenson Fight

In the early part of this year, Ryan Garcia was on the rise. Destined for greatness he appeared unstoppable as he defeated opponent after opponent. Winning each fight while displaying extraordinary boxing prowess. However, it was when the young talent clashed with the prodigy from Baltimore, that things went awry. Prior to the fight, a lot of people showed concern about him leaving himself wide open while throwing punches. They claimed that against Gervonta Davis, this would not go unpunished.

And indeed,  Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis didn’t let the chance go, he dropped Ryan Garcia ‘KingRY’ twice and the second knockdown in the 7th round marked the end of the match-up. The fight was huge and even ended up generating around $22.8 million gate. Following the fight, the changes were drastic as Garcia fell out with his trainer and his promoter Oscar De La Hoya for abandoning him during the post-fight conference. Moreover, he joined Errol Spence Jr.‘s coach Derrick James soon and even ended up suing Golden Boy Promotions for breach of contract.

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Amid all the drama, he even joined a poker tournament, and there were even talks of him potentially facing super lightweight champion Regis Prograis. However, as it turns out Progias is going to face Devin Haney for a title bout as ‘the Dream’ moves up in weight. Now it seems that Garcia is prepared to make a return and stake his claim on the throne once again. He recently took to X to state, “Fighting at the end of this year”. He shared his resolve to make a comeback and return to the ring for the second time this year.

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Fans reaction to Ryan Garcia announcing his return

As the fans read Garcia’s statement, they couldn’t help but be ecstatic about the return of the young talent to the ring. One fan shared his deep trust in the boxer’s skill. He stated, “On god I’m betting my life savings on you.”

Another fan also appeared ecstatic at the news stating, ”I can’t wait for your comeback.”

However, not all comments were supportive, there were some fans who took the chance to remind Garcia of his previous failure. One such fan wrote, “This time don’t drop”.

Floyd Mayweather just announced his next exhibition fight.

Floyd Mayweather used to promote Gervonta Davis’ fights and right before his fight against Ryan GarciaGervonta stopped working with “Money’s” enterprise and during his training camp, continued his rift with Mayweather, accusing him of not letting him use his gym to train after he barred him.

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About the issue Mayweather explained that “Tank” has been through a lot and that’s why many times that he posts stuff on social media he understands because he’s older and wiser, acknowledging he wasn’t always like this.

“I’m not worried when the press wants to say stuff to turns us against each other,” Floyd mentioned during his next exhibition fight presentation press conference.

Gervonta Davis

Then Mayweather explained why he has always believed in Gervonta Davis, ever since he was a young boxer with huge potential.

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“I always tell him: ‘I took you in the beginning because I wanted to see you be great, I wanted to see you have huge PPV numbers, I wanted to see you win'”

“Money” then expressed that he’s gladly impressed with Gervonta Davis’ development.

“I’m proud of him. When he says struff on social media, for me he’s still a kid, and when I was his age a did the same thing. I didn’t have a Floyd Mayweather to support me or tell me what’s right or wrong,” Mayweather sentenced.

“It’s Gonna Happen Tonight”: De La Hoya On ‘Death Threat’ That Kept Him From Ryan Garcia Presser

Oscar De La Hoya has opened up on the reason he wasn’t in attendance at Ryan Garcia’s post-fight press conference after his loss to Gervonta Davis – an absence that has since left the promoter-fighter partnership in tatters.

Garcia was felled by a ‘Tank’ Davis body shot in the seventh round, being served his first career defeat in the biggest boxing event of the year so far.

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Post-fight, neither De La Hoya or Bernard Hopkins of Golden Boy flanked him as he answered the media, although Eric Gomez, the president of the promotional company, was there.


Regardless, Garcia later claimed that he hadn’t felt supported by his team, sparking a very public back and forth with De La Hoya, who told him to ‘man up.’

Speaking to The Breakfast Club, the former world champion turned businessman elaborated on his previous statement that ‘death threats’ stopped him attending the presser.

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“I’ve been there for him all along. I was there for him the whole week of Vegas, this and that. I don’t know if you were there, but if you would’ve been there at the fight, it was crazy. It was nuts. I’ve never seen anything like it.

I think the arena was overflowed by like 3,000 people … And so after the fight, I’m walking down with my security guards. We’re just like sardines trying to get out, and I hear this voice. ‘Watch your back. It’s gonna happen tonight.’”

De La Hoya explained that he left theT-Mobile Arena – packed with over 20,000 fans that contributed to the fifth-best gate in Nevada’s history – straightaway.


“Right away I just panicked like ‘oh s**t I just got threatened.’ So I told Hopkins to go to Ryan’s locker room, and all my executives were at Ryan’s locker room and they were even on stage with him after the fight – but the fact that I wasn’t… and now I’m the bad guy.

I was just trying to get out of there, because when you get something like that in your ear, I had no clue who it was, I just told my security guard let’s get out of here.”

De La Hoya has previously said that he was on the end of threatening messages throughout fight week, and that he would have acted the same in the circumstances even if Garcia had won.

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He believes that his fighter won’t understand the dilemma.

Since that fall out, Garcia and De La Hoya’s relationship has worsened. They are currently suing each other – fighter because he feels terms have been violated and promoter because he wants his contract to be honoured in full.