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Cristobal Del Solar has shot a record-breaking round of 57 in a Korn Ferry event sanctioned by the PGA Tour in Colombia.

The 30-year-old Chilean, who played college golf at Florida State, wrote his name into the history books with an incredible 13-under-par round on the opening day of the Astara Golf Championship in Bogota on Thursday.

He posted two eagles and nine birdies, missing a birdie putt on the 18th for an even more outrageous 56.

Del Solar, whose professional career has spanned across developmental tours in both Canada and Latin America, now holds the record for the lowest round in PGA Tour-sanctioned history.

Cristobal del Solar shoots record 57 in Korn Ferry Tour event - ESPN

The unthinkable round came on Bogota’s Pacos course, which ranks as the shortest on the Korn Ferry Tour at 6,254 yards.

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The par-70 plays around 9,000 feat above sea level, but there has never been a sub-60 score on the layout which is known for its narrow greens.

However, the conditions were perfect for Del Solar’s outrageous birdie blitz as he took an early five-shot lead in the Colombian capital.

The Pacos course stages the first two rounds of the event, with the weekend played over the Lagos course in Bogota.

PGA Tour pro Ben Griffin held the course record at 61 back in 2022, while world No.1 Scottie Scheffler posted 63 in 2019 as he was making his remarkable rise in the elite game.

But there has been no lower score on the Korn Ferry Tour, the circuit which offers promising players a direct path to fulfil their dreams on the PGA Tour.

According to golf statistician Justin Ray, Del Solar’s round also ties the lowest made across any major professional tour worldwide.

A 57 was made by Irishman David Carey on the Alps Tour in the Cervino Open in 2019, but that played on a par-68 layout in Northern Italy.


Often there are instances when sportspersons and fans have been in awe of Tiger Woods and his great golfing career. The 82-time PGA Tour winner has a significant name in the golf circuit because he has broken several records.

Recently another talented golfer shared a great story about Mr. T from one of the events that Woods played in after becoming a pro. In a conversation with Sharpside Golf, Mark Brooks opened up about an incident from the 1996 tournament. Let’s have a look at what he has to say.

Mark Brooks praises Tiger Woods for the 1996 event

Mark, who has won seven times on the PGA tour has recently opened up about a tournament back from the year 1996. The 62-year-old golfer got into a conversation wherein he revealed the moment when he realized how special Tiger Woods is.

The Sharside Golf shared the Instagram video of the American professional golfer with the caption, “Tiger was just simply built different. Great story by Mark Brooks talking about the moment he knew Tiger was special.” Brooks reveals an incident from when he was playing along with Woods on the greens. The temperature at that time was 50 degrees in November. Woods had 274 yards to the hole on the 5th hole, par 5. The 1996 PGA Tour Winner had shot around 30 yards behind Woods and he had 90 yards left for the 3rd hole.

Tiger Woods

Later, Brooks went down to the greens and was surprised to see that the 3x US Open title winner was waiting over there. Brooks asked his caddie why Woods was waiting, to which, his caddie replied that the 47-year-old golfer was waiting to shoot the balata ball in the best way possible. The caddie also said, “Maybe he’ll make some noise.”

Surprisingly, Woods accomplished it in such a way that the ball was four steps behind the stick. The grass was then cleared and the result came in where they got to know the ball hit 278 yards instead of 274. “And it was like, case closed,” concluded Brooks.

A look at Tiger Woods’s amazing career

Woods has always performed his best on his professional tour. He has 82 PGA tour victories, including 15 major wins to his name. If we talk about the Open Championship, he has won three times before in 2000, 2005, and 2006.

However, due to his 2021 car crash incident and 2023 ankle surgery, he has not been active lately. Hence, this year, he is not taking part in the Open Championship. This left his fans disappointed for not getting to see him at the Royal Liverpool Golf Course.

All in all, the incident shared by Brooks indeed reveals why Tiger Woods is considered GOAT. What do you think about the 1996 story shared by Brooks? Do let us know in the comments.

According to Psychology, parents play a crucial role in shaping one’s life. More often than not, they act as role models that influence numerous behaviors and actions an individual divulges. This is true with regard to even the legendary Tiger Woods! The star player, who has time and again portrayed a resilient, charismatic front on the greens, did not shy away from shedding tears in 1998, despite the stigma surrounding it.

This transpired right after Woods listened to his late father’s message for the first time through a letter, who at the time was sitting beside the star. Consequently, the intensity of Earl Woods’ words was such that Tiger Woods couldn’t prevent the emotional barrier from breaking down. Probably, the latter’s love for his son will even bring you to tears. With that, let us delve into the letter to gather the emotional vehemence of it and try to understand the relationship between the father and his son!

A father’s love for his son: Earl Woods’ open letter to Tiger Woods

Earl Woods proved that fathers can take on the role of the first teacher for their children. Taking this into account, he published a letter in his book “Playing Through” addressing Tiger Woods. It focused on the lessons a father had taught his kid and how proud he was of the man he had become.

The inception of the open letter took off with a “Dear Tiger, you are my little man“. Since the words of Earl Woods were voiced by Oprah Winfrey on her show, an intimate picture of the 15-time major winner’s childhood was displayed in the opening lines. The letter continued with gratitude to God, who gave Tiger to his dad for nurturing, growth, and development.

Tiger Woods

The father expressed that he always had his son’s best interests first and foremost in his life. Not only that, but as a dad, Tiger meant more to him than life itself. Earl Woods, in his letter, did not back down from voicing how proud he was of the 82-time PGA Tour winner. Moreover, he believed that Tiger was more than capable of carrying forth all the valuable lessons taught to him by his dad.

Acknowledging the same, Earl Woods said, “I pass all my abilities to share and to care to you“. At this point in the video, the golf legend could be seen in tears, with one drop rolling down his cheeks. The letter carried on with how Woods’ father believed that he had tried his best to do the job of raising Tiger and trusted him to promote these lessons. Despite all this, Earl Woods concluded with a “Love Pop” and how the golf icon will forever remain his little man.

However, the open letter was not only meant to convey a dad’s love for his child. Rather, one of the most important lessons from the note was to not shy away from being yourself, irrespective of how society perceives it.

The powerful message delivered to Woods by his father breaks the shackles of society

No doubt, the overall message of Earl Woods’ letter was to confess how much Tiger Woods meant to him. But he left his son and the viewers who listened to his words with a powerful insight. As Oprah Winfrey was reading one of the paragraphs, it highlighted the advice of a parent to his son.

In light of the same, Earl Woods stressed, “I can remember when I taught you that it was okay to cry. Men can cry.” The father taught an invaluable lesson: It was okay to express yourself and shed tears. It did not showcase any weakness; rather, it was a symbol of strength. This was part of the legacy that he wanted to leave his son to carry forward.

Additionally, the former infantry officer asked his son to share and care for others. This, he expressed, is the way of life, and it is not to be taken lightly. As soon as the letter ended, Tiger Woods placed his hand over his father’s fist, who himself had tears in his eyes. The audience present on the show also couldn’t help but get emotional listening to Earl Woods’ wise words.

What do you think of this emotional moment that transpired between Tiger Woods and his late father? Let us know in the comments!