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VAR is yet to make an appearance in the world of boxing but recent years have seen various contentious decisions that could well have changed the outcomes of fights.

WBC president Mauricio Sulaiman says boxing ‘must implement video replay technology’ and as a result, Oliver has hinted that it could be used ringside soon, with Fury vs Usyk a fight that could see its debut.

Speaking on White and Jordan, Oliver said: “I believe that they want to implement that in the Tyson Fury vs Oleksandr Usyk fight.

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Antonio Tarver AND Tyson Fury AND Oleksandr Usyk


“They’re talking about video replays etc., to help them come to the correct decision, like VAR. I think that we sometimes see illegal blows going, it causes cuts and what not and then the guy will win the fight.”

Jim White then alluded to when Daniel Dubois was adjudged to have hit Oleksandr Usyk with a low-blow during their fight in August.

It was a controversial call by referee Luis Pabon as Usyk was awarded time to recover and went on to win.

“That’s a great example,” said Oliver. “He wouldn’t have got the five minute break on the floor in between the rounds and Dubois lost his momentum then. Dubois was fired up, he was ready to go but that may have changed the fight.

“The referee has allowed the five-minute break, in the five-minute break then say, ‘Woah, that wasn’t a low-blow, get him on with it.’ They overrule it basically.”

While boxing fans may be against the idea of VAR being introduced, Boxxer CEO Ben Shalom would welcome it’s arrival into the sport.

Shalom told talkSPORT: “I think for the big fights it makes a lot of sense. You have so many decisions at the moment that are being questioned all the time. It’s frustrating as a promoter as well because you’re usually the one that gets blamed.

“I welcome anything, it takes investment, it takes everyone getting on board with it.

fury usyk


“But when there’s such high stakes and when you’ve got fighters’ careers going one way or the other based on a decision at the end of the fight, you look at the other sports whether it’s tennis, whether it’s football, boxing is a huge sport now.

“It’s one of the biggest sports in the world, definitely in this country and the investment now needs to go in so that the fans can trust what’s going on, see what’s going on and we get to the decision. I think it will add some more excitement as well.”

Fury and Usyk will fight to become the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world on the postponed date of May 18 after the former suffered a serious cut in sparring.



A few months ago Anthony Joshua would have been a MASSIVE odds-on favourite for a fight against former UFC heavyweight king Francis Ngannou. Not anymore.

Joshua vs Ngannou, set for March 8 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia is now a live match after Ngannou proved a revelation on his pro boxing debut – taking WBC and lineal heavyweight king Tyson Fury to the brink before losing a disputed split decision.

Francis Ngannou Anthony Joshua Frank Warren Oleksandr Usyk Tyson Fury

While Joshua will start a firm favourite, this is not the foregone conclusion many would be expected before Ngannou shocked ‘The Gypsy King’. As promoter Frank Warren knows only too well.

Ahh s***, here we go again' - Anthony Joshua posts GTA meme reaction to Francis  Ngannou fight being signed and confirms date | talkSPORT

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Warren of course promotes Fury, and he saw the dream of that unification showdown vs Oleksandr Usyk almost wrecked by Ngannou’s supershow. He know believes Joshua faces a similarly stern test come March 8.

Frank Warren verdict

He told DAZN: “I think it’s a big jeopardy fight for AJ. I think he’s got the benefit what Tyson didn’t have going into the fight in as much that you’ve now seen him in a boxing ring. You know he can fight and you know what to expect.

“But then I think to myself what is Ngannou gonna learn from what his first fight was. Is he gonna improve? If he improves he’s gonna be a real handful. We know he can punch, he’s strong, he’s tough. It’s not a foregone conclusion whatsoever because I know now he can box – he’s a switch hitter who can punch and he can certainly fight inside.

“I think it’s gonna be an interesting fight, there’s no doubt about it. I think it will be a knockout, either way.”

Joshua normally towers over his opponents, but that size differential won’t be there this time, with Ngannou a fearsome physical specimen as well as a surprisingly adept boxer.

“This guy is a big, strong guy. Coming from the background he comes from, UFC, you know when they’re infighting, they’re used to claiming hold of each other and pulling each other around. He’s not somebody you’re just gonna push him around.”


British heavyweight boxer, Tyson Fury says any talk about his retirement will remain in the cooler until he battles Nigeria-British pugilist Anthony Joshua.

Tyson Fury who is expected to hang his gloves after his Undisputed title fight with Ukrainian heavyweight champion, Oleksandr Usyk, said his next fight after beating Usyk will be a rematch with the Ukrainian or a bout with Joshua.

The WBC reigning champion is expected to be in action with Usyk on May 18, 2024, in Riyadh. The winner of the unification match is expected to go home with the WBC, WBO, WBA, and IBF belts.

tyson fury and anthony joshua

On Thursday, Tyson Fury made a rare appearance on his Instagram page in which he showed a cut above his eye which necessitated the postponement of his bout with Usyk from February to May 18, 2024.

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Recall that Fury sustained the cut during his bout with crossover heavyweight boxer, Francis Ngannou in October 2023. The British boxer won the match on points after the Cameroonian boxer had dropped him on the ground in the 5th round.

“I keep hearing talk of people saying I should retire or I’m going to retire soon or whatever,” Fury said.

“I ain’t retiring. I’ve got two fights with Usyk for the undisputed, twice. Then I’m going to fight AJ (Joshua) at least once, maybe twice, if there’s a rematch — if he wants one after the first battering I give him.

“Then I’m going to fight Ngannou again. That’s just the start. There are five fights for you to whet your appetite. I ain’t going nowhere. I’m 35 years old and in the prime of my life.”

Meanwhile Anthony Joshua and Francis Ngannou will face each other on March 8, 2024, in Saudi Arabia.


Shane Fury Reveals What Actually Happened That Led to a Cut Above Tyson Fury’s Eye

What if foresight could prevent a disaster? Shane Fury, the younger sibling of the two-time world heavyweight champion, hints at an eerie premonition before Tyson Fury’s eye injury. Imagine knowing yet choosing silence. In an interview, Shane teases a truth stranger than fiction. His words, shrouded in mystery, raise eyebrows and questions.

Was it an accidental elbow or something more? The incident postponed a much-awaited heavyweight clash between Fury and Oleksandr Usyk, stirring debates. Shane’s revelation: a feeling of impending doom, unspoken to avoid jinxing. What really happened in that sparring session?

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Tyson Fury

The narrative shifts focus to the crux of Shane Fury’s recount. He vividly brings to life the day that led to Tyson Fury’s pivotal training injury. “Yeah, if I told you the truth you wouldn’t believe me, but I knew he was getting caught two weeks beforehand,” Shane begins, setting a tone of inevitable fate mixed with disbelief.

He admits to harboring a premonition, “The cut was in mind and I thought to myself I’m not going to mention it to jinx anything. What I should have done, I should have mentioned it so everyone had it on the mind. And do you know if you say something it don’t happen, does it?”

Shane then delves into the details of that fateful morning. “What happened was he was doing 12 rounds that morning with four different men. So we had some new guys in and there was an original guy there which is very good, from Canada a fellow called Lexus. Good fighter, really good. There was Thomas McCarthy there and the fellow who cut him and another cruiserweight fell some 13-0, 13 knockout, whatever it was,” he explains.

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The plan was precise: Tyson would spar three rounds with each partner, a mix of familiar and new faces, to sharpen his skills. But did it all go according to the plan?

tyson fury

The session took a dramatic turn towards the end when the Gypsy King was tired and had already gone through his entire roster of sparring partners scheduled for that day. “Then he got cut in the fifth round at the very end of the round and that was it. He was just he got it and got cut, but it was by the elbow. It’s quite clear to see on the on the phone,” Shane reveals. This moment, captured briefly yet profoundly, marked a significant pause in Tyson Fury’s journey to the ring.

This unforeseen injury, a serious cut above Tyson Fury’s eye, necessitated stitches and led to the postponement of the eagerly awaited bout with Oleksandr Usyk. Originally slated for February 17, the fight was rescheduled for May 18 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.



“I Was Really Trying to Move a Lot Like Usyk”: Tyson Fury’s Sparring Partner Explains How Gypsy King Got the Cut Above Eye, Feeling Sad for Cancelling the Biggest Fight

A sparring mishap involving Croatian heavyweight Agron Smakici has led to an unintentional cut above Tyson Fury‘s eye. Well, this injury led to the postponement of the highly anticipated bout against Oleksandr Usyk. The incident, captured in footage, prompted His Excellency Turki Alalshikh to cancel the scheduled event on Feb 17th.

The fans have been assured of the ticket refunds. The rescheduled date for the Tyson Fury vs Oleksandr Usyk fight is now set for May 18th. Even though there have been claims that Smakici doesn’t feel any remorse about his actions, he has stated in an interview that he’s quite sad about the entire situation.

tyson fury


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Agron Smakici explains the video from his perspective

Smakici recently joined Tyson Fury’s sparring partners, a team that initially included Jai Opetaia and Moses Itauma. His addition wasn’t unexpected, given his history of sparring with top heavyweights, including Anthony Joshua. The southpaw was enlisted by Team AJ to aid Joshua in preparing for his clash with Otto Wallin and served as a key sparring partner for Joshua’s rematch against Oleksandr Usyk in August 2022.

However, he addressed the situation himself in an interview with iFL TV, where he spoke about how it’s “bulls**t” when the people claimed that he doesn’t feel bad about inflicting pain on Fury. Moreover, he talked about his intention during the sparring session, “I was asking Mr sugar, ‘What kind of spying should I do?’ So he say, ‘Just do free, however you feel.’ So I was really trying to move a lot like Usyk, avoiding punches, hitting the body. And I do also professional wrestling and that so, I was also good in good in wrestle with him.

tyson fuiry

Furthermore, he added, “So I think it was everything good he was not in shape or something like people are writing.” In this interview, he showed a lot of respect for Fury. However, his actions might put Fury on a break for the next 90 days.

Tyson Fury’s wound requires effective healing



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The WBC heavyweight champion, Tyson Fury, faces a recovery period of “at least 90 days” before he can fully engage in sparring again. According to his cut man Jorge Capetillo, the severity of the cut demands thorough healing before Tyson can resume training or enter camp. Capetillo emphasized the need for Tyson’s injury to heal effectively to prevent the cut from reopening during a fight, particularly against Oleksandr Usyk.

Capetillo said, “I would say it will take 90 days at least to recover from a cut in sparring. Hopefully the fight can happen in the summer because it’s such unfortunate news.” Later he also added that these things happen, and it’s all part of the process. Moreover, he was also inspired by the hunger of ‘The Gypsy King’ for this bout, but nobody can surpass their destiny.

Now, the new date is in May, which gives the WBC titlist enough time to recover and get ready for the fight. What are your thoughts about this? Let us know in the comments section.


Tyson Fury’s tale took an unexpected turn. During sparring, he sustained a severe cut above his eye.

This wasn’t just any cut. It was deep, requiring stitches, and enough to postpone a highly anticipated bout against Oleksandr Usyk. Dean Whyte, brother to heavyweight Dillian Whyte, shared his thoughts.

His insights? They raise eyebrows. Could this injury be a twist of fate or a strategic pause? Whyte hints at something deeper, questioning the cut’s recovery time. Will Fury be ready for the rescheduled clash on 18th May?

Tyson Fury

Will Tyson Fury make it to fight night?

Dean Whyte delved into the complexity of Tyson Fury’s situation. “Well listen, this is boxing, man. Anything happens in boxing, heavyweight boxing,” he began. Transitioning smoothly into the specifics of Fury’s dilemma, he detailed, “And when you’re sparring, you can get headbutts, you can get elbows and cuts around.”

Whyte remarked on Fury’s unfortunate propensity for injuries, “We know Fury’s prone to pull out and cuts and so but that cut was a very big cut. So I won’t begrudge him to pull out because what? You going to go against the Undisputed Cruiserweight champ, the unified heavyweight, that’s madness.”

Whyte’s commentary further deepened with a hint of doubt regarding the cut’s healing timeline. “I’m not so sure that cut heals in three and a half months, we’re going to see. But what we will be sure is that Usyk will target that eye in the rescheduled bout and we’re going to see what Tyson Fury does,” Whyte said.

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His analysis culminates in a reflection on the significance of the fight itself. “But it’s a great fight. I’m going to be tuning in so let’s see what happens,” Whyte concluded, transitioning from his concerns to an acknowledgment of the bout’s importance.

His Excellency also added a $10 million fine in their contract so that none of the guys pull out. Fabio Wardley had something to say about that.

The $10 million clause that shocked the world

“Jesus Christ, who signed that? I gotta check my contract,” remarked an astonished Fabio Wardley to iFL TV, underscoring the severity of the situation. This dramatic twist was unveiled by Saudi advisor Turki Alalshikh on Ariel Helwani’s MMA Hour, stating, “If Usyk is scared, I will call for [Anthony] Joshua vs. Tyson… If Tyson is scared, any fighter Usyk wants.”

This security clause not only heightens the tension but solidifies the fight’s status as a must-happen event, reflecting the high stakes involved in this boxing showdown.

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Will this serve as the ultimate motivation for Fury and Usyk, or will it introduce a new layer of strategy in the high-stakes chess game of boxing promotions?

For several years, Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury have circled one another. They’re both gigantic men, are elite-level fighters, and they just so happen to be incredibly popular, especially in the UK.

The two have discussed a possible showdown in the past but for whatever reason, those talks have gone absolutely nowhere. Neither man has decided to rip off their boxing trunks and throw their gloves to the side, however. Meaning, there’s still a chance that they can eventually get it on.

NEWS;A GREAT EVENT Anthony Joshua CONFIRMS plans to fight Deontay Wilder on same night as Tyson Fury vs Oleksandr Usyk

At this point, fantasizing and drooling over a possible matchup doesn’t make a ton of sense. Joshua has a gigantic, yet inexperienced, man in front of him named Francis Ngannou. Normally, a former UFC fighter turned newbie boxer wouldn’t be much of a threat but Joshua watched as Ngannou dropped Fury and nearly pulled off the upset in 2023.

Tyson Fury-Oleksandr Usyk Rematch Details Confirmed

So while Joshua continues to put in the work, Fury is doing the same. Roughly a month prior to Joshua jumping back into the ring, Fury and Oleksandr Usyk will square off.

Joshua is a heavy favorite but Fury is only being given the slight betting edge. Antonio Tarver doesn’t care too much for the opinions of oddsmakers. He does expect Joshua to get it done against Ngannou but he isn’t entirely sure how Fury vs. Usyk will play out.

NEWS;Inside Tyson Fury’s training camp for Oleksandr Usyk fight as he reveals sparring partners including ‘next Mike Tyson’

The former multi-time champ wouldn’t go into the X’s and O’s recently. Instead, he spent some time looking ahead. If Joshua and Fury take care of business, the pragmatic move would be to face each other.

Tarver though, doesn’t like that idea. Sure they can make loads of cash for it, but for Tarver, the boxing world shouldn’t be interested.

Heavyweight Who Fought Tyson Fury 3 Times Has Two Words For Usyk Ahead Of  Undisputed Fight

“I think if Fury beats Usyk, he don’t got no reason to fight AJ,” explained Tarver in a self-recorded video. “There’s no need.”

Tyson Fury v Oleksandr Usyk: Gypsy King a knockout bet one month out from mega fight

Tyson Fury v Oleksandr Usyk is less than a month away and the betting makes for interesting reading. Betfair’s boxing writer Frankie Monkhouse previews…

  • Fury is the 8/11 favourite to win

  • Usyk is 11/10 to take the titles

  • Both men enter with unbeaten records

  • The countdown is well and truly on for one of the biggest fights in professional boxing history. Tyson Fury is set to face Oleksandr Usyk in a winner-takes-all unification bout involving two of the world’s best heavyweights. Betfair customers can wager on the result and several eye-catching specials.
  • NEWS;Inside Tyson Fury’s training camp for Oleksandr Usyk fight as he reveals sparring partners including ‘next Mike Tyson’


    Fury vs Usyk is penned in for Saturday February 17th at the Kingdom Arena in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, with the contest broadcast live worldwide. Which fighter has attracted the most attention in the early betting exchanges, and who should you bet on early to secure the best value on this blockbuster bout?

  • When is the Tyson Fury vs Oleksandr Usyk fight? Date, fight time, live  stream & where to watch on TV | Goal.com Nigeria

    Keep reading as I update readers on the Fury vs. Usyk betting odds, highlight any interesting markets, check on both men’s progress, and post my early prediction.

    Fury’s ferocious prep

    How is Fury’s training camp going? That’s an important question many fight fans will ask after seeing the WBC champion out of shape, tired, and lacking sharpness in a rather fortunate win over UFC champion Francis Ngannou in Saudi Arabia late last year.

    To become the first unified heavyweight champion in almost 25 years, Tyson must be at his best. He must be as fit, strong, and fearless as he was when knocking out former champ Deontay Wilder twice.

  • NEWS;Anthony Joshua Expects Oleksandr Usyk To Scrape By Tyson Fury


    If media reports are to be believed, Fury is flying in training. Tabloids ran with the story of a sparring partner choosing to leave camp after just a few rounds with the hard-hitting Fury, and that set tongues wagging in the sport. Will the Gypsy King live up to his promises?

  • Tyson Fury tells Oleksandr Usyk to forget about rematch clause - before  Ukrainian hits back at rival's 'stupid games' | Boxing News | Sky Sports

    Best of British

    A recent quote makes for interesting reading: Tyson warned Usyk: “You know what’s coming? You’re getting smashed to pieces, sausage. You’re fighting the best British heavyweight there’s ever been. You’ve beaten the rest of them, but you haven’t beaten Tyson Fury, sausage.”

  • NEWS;Anthony Joshua warns Daniel Dubois he faces ‘tough ask’ in Oleksandr Usyk fight, but insists he can win


    The current betting available on the Betfair Sportsbook offers Fury as a 8/11 favourite to win this contest, and that’s sure to be popular. The Englishman is 13/10 to prevail on points and 4/1 for the KO/TKO.

    Usyk remains calm

    The unbeaten Ukranian has heard plenty from his opposite number over the years and watched as Fury’s verbal onslaughts have intensified on the approach to the big fight in Saudi Arabia. Usyk has kept a dignified silence for the most part, promising to do his talking in the ring. But is his silence a sign of fear or unwavering self-belief?

  • Tyson Fury vs Oleksandr Usyk: Boxing's last undisputed heavyweight world  champion to be 'Guest of Honor' at Tyson Fury vs. Oleksandr Usyk mega fight  in Saudi Arabia

    The 37-year-old southpaw, now living in California, boasts a perfect professional boxing record, claiming 21 wins from 21 fights with 14 knockout victories. He is a former unified world champion at cruiserweight and has a chance to become one of only a few men to win all belts at the top highest divisions in professional boxing. Will he take it?

    Great odds on Usyk

    Usyk has already enjoyed success against British fighters at cruiserweight and heavyweight, including Tony Bellew, Derek Chisora, and Anthony Joshua. He relieved AJ of his titles in London and beat him again in the rematch in Saudi Arabia. Usyk now aims to add the scalp of Fury and the WBC belt to his growing list of achievements.

    Fancy an upset at the Kingdom Arena? You can wager on Usyk winning the fight at odds of 11/10, with the draw trading at 16/1. Usyk on points is 7/4, and that’s deemed more likely than a stoppage at 11/2.

    Early call

  • Who wins this unification bout? Well, as the first bell draws near, it’s all getting real, isn’t it? I will stick with my original thought and predict a stoppage win for Fury in the later rounds.
  • Confusing' heavyweight division needs Tyson Fury v Oleksandr Usyk in 2024,  says Steve Bunce - Eurosport

    Usyk is fast and possesses great footwork and a slick southpaw style. But Fury is a naturally bigger, heavier, and stronger man. That will make all the difference in the clinches.

    The longer the fight goes, the more tired Usyk’s legs will become, and that will make him easier to hit. When Fury begins to back him up and tee off shots against the ropes, fans will remember weight divisions exist in boxing for good reason.

The sparring partners drafted in to help Fury become undisputed champion have been revealed

TYSON FURY is leaving no sparring stone unturned with a handful of top-quality lefties preparing him for Oleksandr Usyk.

The planet’s No1 southpaw cruiserweight Jai Opetaia has had to leave the Riyadh camp as he now has a fight on the February 17 undercard and needs to prepare specifically for his rematch with Mairis Briedis.

But Team Fury is still brimming with unorthodox talent from all over the world.

Including Britain’s most exciting prospect, the South African underdog who almost knocked out giant Daniel Dubois and a huge unbeaten Canadian.


Tyson Fury’s sparring partners

Alexis Barriere

From: Canada

Age: 28

Stance: Southpaw

Record: 11-0 (9KOs)

The least famous member of the new Fury fraternity but an eye-catching shape and early record.

The 6ft 4in Quebec puncher turned pro in 2021 and has raced into double figures and a healthy number of early finishes.

Barriere only boxed out of Canada a couple of times – as a raw amateur and a pro – but already looks at home among the Traveller clan in Saudi Arabia.

The heavy-handed unknown is one inch taller than Usyk but usually boxes close to the same 16st the Ukraine icon prefers since moving up from cruiserweight.

Despite struggling to make a huge name for himself, so far, Barriere has done sparring rounds with established names like Filip Hrgovic and Oscar Rivas.

Mike Tyson gives prediction for Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk fight before  handing Gypsy King career advice | The Sun



Kevin Lerena

From: South Africa

Age: 31

Stance: Southpaw

Record: 30-2

The Johannesburg tough guy would be forgiven for hating British boxers after his cruel loss to Daniel Dubois in December 2022.

The visitor – boxing DDD on the undercard of Fury’s trilogy fight with Derek Chisora at Spurs – almost pulled off a sensational upset.

Cherry picked as a warm-up opponent for Dubois to prepare for Usyk, Lerena was supposed to pose a few problems and collapse.

But he clipped Dubois around the temple and the loss of balance and belief sent him to the canvas three times in the opening rounds.

Then trainer Shane McGuigan did a superb job in helping Dubois recover and he scored a stoppage win in round three.

Lerena bounced back with two wins last year and is the perfect size and stance to imitate Usyk.

His heavy hands and solid resolve will also make him an ideal training partner for Fury to work alongside.

Mike Tyson picks Fury to prevail over Usyk: He's going to overpower him |  Marca


Moses Itauma

From: England
Age: 19
Stance: Southpaw
Record: 7-0

What sort of 19-year-old dreams of fighting Tyson Fury for Christmas? This special one.

In September the freakishly talented teen told us: “I know everyone wants to see the Fury vs Usyk fight for all of the belts but I only really want it so I hopefully get the chance to spar Tyson.

“I’m no help with the Ngannou fight but I do think I am ideal for Usyk so hopefully I get to go soon and learn from him.”

Thanks to manager Francis Warren, Itauma is in Riyadh right now imitating all the skills and threats that Usyk poses to the Gypsy King, while preparing for his eighth professional outing on the undercard.

With Opetaia now removed, Itauma has probably been promoted inside the ranks, too.

Mike Tyson makes bold prediction for Tyson Fury vs Oleksandr Usyk

It will be a magnificent learning curve for the Kent wonderkid – who has been made mandatory challenger for the English title and plans to reign after the Fury-Usyk-AJ era winds down.

The rest of Team Fury

Kristian Blackblock – Strength and Conditioning coach

Greg Marriott – Nutritionist

Matt Towey – Sports Massage Therapist

Prince John James Fury – Son

Issac Lowe – Training Partner and Cousin

Jelena Mrdjenovich – Former WBC female super featherweight champion and training partner

Joe McGuinness – Undefeated featherweight prospect

Carl Frampton has weighed in with his prediction for the – hopefully – upcoming undisputed heavyweight world title fight between Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk, and has revealed Usyk’s recent showing against Daniel Dubois has swayed his thinking somewhat.

Carl Frampton

JUST IN: Undefeated Heavyweight ‘Monster’ Vows To Destroy Tyson Fury And Anthony Joshua…

Despite the Ukrainian winning basically every round before stopping Dubois in the ninth, a controversial fifth round low blow ruling was the biggest talking point to emerge from the fight and a narrative has formed that Usyk is vulnerable to the body.

Frampton explained on Up Front with Simon Jordan that he is believer in that view, and as such now sees Fury as a “strong favourite.”

“I think Fury is now a strong favourite in that fight.

I always thought he was a favourite in the fight, after watching Usyk’s performance against Dubois, it looks like he can be hurt to the body.

Tyson Fury vs Francis Ngannou

SEE MORE: WOW Boxing: Joshua Has To Beat Wilder To Fight Tyson Fury – John Fury….

It’s more than just Fury’s size, he can box and he’s tough and resilient. But he’s got that monstrous frame as well, and I think that’s what wins him the fight.”

After months of deliberation, contracts have finally been signed for Fury and Usyk to lock horns for all the marbles in Saudi Arabia, though there has been no confirmation of a date or venue as of yet.

The fight is expected to take place in either late December or early January, with confirmation likely coming after ‘The Gypsy King’s heavily polarising crossover bout with former UFC heavyweight world champion Francis Ngannou, which takes place in Riyadh on October 28th

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