Gervonta Davis And Devin Haney


In the ring, the handiwork of Gervonta Davis can be spotted a mile away. The newly turned 29-year-old normally leaves the faces of his opponents on the mat. His propensity for violence, however, often dissipates once the adrenaline is gone and things cool down.

Outside the ring, Davis mostly keeps a low profile, despite being one of the most called-out boxers in the world. The need to hurl bombastic threats in his direction are usually extraneous, but Bill Haney knows how to get a response out of him.

Devin Haney, Bill’s son and current WBC super lightweight champion, arguably scored the most impressive victory of his career, a lopsided victory over former titlist, Regis Prograis. There wasn’t a single second where the 25-year-old wasn’t in control, prompting him to stick out his chest and brag about his latest exploits.

Bill, unsurprisingly, watched proudly from his son’s corner. Once his now two-division champ scored the victory, he immediately turned his attention towards Davis. From making fun of his weight to calling Davis a paper champion, Bill is doing his best to push the buttons of the Baltimore native.

Initially, Davis shrugged his shoulders before giving the Haney’s a ho-hum response. But, after listening to Bill’s words repeatedly, Davis officially warned Devin that the beating he’s on the verge of experiencing will not only hurt him but also his father.

Throw it in the trash can”- Devin Haney nukes Gervonta Davis for his WBA  regular lightweight strap – FirstSportz

“I promise you,” wrote Davis on his social media account. “Your father gonna cry for what I’m a do to you.”

Davis, of course, is waiting til the calendar hits 2024 before revealing his future plans. After spending his 2023 permanently closing the mouths of a pair of Garcia’s, Davis promises to do the same to the Haney’s.

Ultimately, Davis is one of boxing’s biggest stars and cash cows. Meaning, he decides when a showdown between himself and Devin Haney can become a reality. For now, he’ll simply sit back and enjoy his holidays. Although he loathes Devin and can’t wait to jump into the ring with him, he wants him to celebrate his latest win.

Devin Haney and Gervonta “Tank” Davis had a back-and-forth on social media this week, just days after Haney dominantly defeated Regis Prograis to win the WBC junior welterweight title.

“Tank is p—y, he’s scared to death of me,” Haney wrote on X. “He always say he wanna fight when I have a fight lined up already. Well now I’m free! Let’s make it happen.”

“I promise you, your father gonna cry for what (I’m going to) do to you,” Davis replied. “Ya best bet is to enjoy it while you can.”

Haney (31-0, 15 KO) and Davis (29-0, 27 KO) would make for a big-time fight in 2024, no question, but there are obvious issues and roadblocks.

For starters, Haney is with Matchroom and DAZN, and Davis is still with Premier Boxing Champions, who just inked a deal with Prime Video that starts next year. This doesn’t make anything impossible, but can make it very difficult, particularly if both sides don’t believe there will be elite-tier money to be made from the bout through pay-per-view.

Haney is also now at 140 lbs, and has made clear he will “never” go back down to 135, where Davis campaigns. Davis has fought at 140 once before, and looked clearly too small for the division, albeit in a TKO victory over Mario Barrios back in 2021.

A catchweight could solve that issue, but Haney may simply not feel like he can fight below 140. He looked big, strong, fast, and sharp at the weight against Prograis, and has said that he really should have moved up before he did, as making 135 had left him feeling “depleted” in prior fights.

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Haney’s current attitude matches the one he’s had about Davis in the past, including at his post-fight press conference last weekend.

“Tank don’t want to fight,” he said then. “If he really wanted to fight, he would be trying to build up the fight instead of trying to knock it down, or say I’m only selling because of this or that.

“If he really wanted to fight me, he would be saying it’s a big fight and the best fight for boxing. He only talks down on the fight. But like I’ve said many times, they say everything, but let’s fight.”

“Stop letting Tank and his team piss on your head and tell you it’s rain with these insignificant fights and saying it’s ‘for the culture,’” Devin’s father and trainer Bill Haney added. “Devin represents the culture and represents boxing and what boxing should be and what boxing is.”

Though there are, again, obvious potential roadblocks that could sink the idea, don’t totally count this fight out from happening in 2024. It’s going to ultimately come down to how much money both sides — beyond the fighters — believe there could be in the fight, and we also don’t know much specifically about PBC and Prime right now, in terms of how that might work “politically” in the sport of boxing.

If anything, the weight could be the biggest issue, not the promotional and broadcast ties.

Lightweight world champion Davin Haney says he is willing to fight Gervonta Davis but wants the fight to happen at a specific weight. Haney is set to move up a weight class and challenge super lightweight champion Regis Prograis on December 9, 2023, in San Francisco , California.

Devin Haney vs Gervonta Davis or Shakur Stevenson are two matchups that have caught the fans’ imagination. In a recent interview with MMA Fighting, Davin Haney was asked which fight has a better chance of happening down the line. He explained

“The biggest fight is me vs ‘Tank’ [Davis]. So I would say that one. But Shakur is not too far behind.”

When asked about the preferred weight class for the bout, Haney said:

Gervonta Davis and Devin Haney still have plenty to prove | Boxing News


“It would have to happen at 140lbs. He’s fought at 140lbs before, he beat Mario Barrios at 140lbs. I’m at 140 now. It would make the most sense for it to be at 140lbs.”

Davin Haney argued that Gervonta Davis would not have a problem in accepting the fight at 140 lbs and explained:

“Tank is the type of fighter he says he doesn’t care about the belts. He doesn’t fight for belts, he fights for the money. So he wouldn’t care about the belts at 135 lbs. He would just want to make the money in fighting me. So 140!”

Gervonta Davis never not holds back when it comes to making snarky comments about his potential rivals. This time it was Regis Prograis who was in his crosshairs. Currently, Prograis is preparing for a massive showdown against Devin Haney. The upcoming match on December 9 at the Chase Center in San Francisco is poised to be a significant event for WBC super welterweight champion Prograis, who is set to defend his title against Devin Haney. The bout is scheduled to be broadcast on DAZN PPV in North America.

So, before the fight, ‘Rougarou’ was seen flaunting his physical prowess, however, Davis did not shy away from nitpicking on his boxing prowess. Although Haney is the one moving up in the weight class, many people still consider Regis Prograis as the underdog since his opponent has been the undisputed lightweight champion. So much so, that even ‘Tank’ is making fun of Prograis publicly.

A few hours ago, Regis Prograis posted a picture right from his training camp, and maybe from a sparring session. Since he’s standing with his sparring gloves and headgear on, it can be speculated that either he has completed a sparring session or he’s going to indulge in one. So, he posted the picture on the X app, with the caption, “3 more weeks.

Well, a boxing fan came across this picture, who is a supporter of Prograis, and wrote, “And still,” thus, indicating that he’d successfully defend his title against Haney. Well, Davis thought otherwise and he retweeted the fan’s post, and wrote in his now-deleted post, “AND STILL a flat footed b*stard.

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So, even though Davis has stated numerous times that he wants to take on Devin Haney and has animosity with him, the respect is still there between the fighters. Well, this is not a new thing as Davis sometimes trolls one fighter and as a result, supports another. Not long ago, he took a verbal jab at Devin Haney, and as a result, defended yet another rival Shakur Stevenson.

The recent fight between Shakur Stevenson and Edwin De Los Santos turned out to be a disappointment for a lot of boxing fans. It was a lackluster display that left the audience dissatisfied. Both fighters failed to impress, eliciting disapproving boos from the crowd in the later rounds. The lack of engagement was particularly evident in the performance of De Los Santos, who managed to land a mere 40 punches throughout the entire 12 rounds, as reported by the official Compubox statistics.

This notably low punch count set a new record, marking the fewest number of punches recorded in a 12-round fight since the introduction of the Compubox system 38 years ago. So, Devin Haney had offered Stevenson a 75-25 offer, before the De Los Santos fight. Then Haney stated, “Should’ve offered this Bum 10% I was being too generous!” Well after this, Davis instantly took a jab at Haney and came to Stevenson’s defense.