Francis Ngannou


The retired heavyweight gave his verdict on the fight.

The upcoming fight between Anthony Joshua and Francis Ngannou on March 8 is one which presents plenty of intrigue.

After a dominant stoppage win over Otto Wallin in December, Joshua looks back to his best and now he faces an opponent which has plenty of mystery surrounding his boxing ability.

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Francis Ngannou AND Anthony Joshua

This meeting with Joshua will be Ngannou’s second outing as a professional boxer and the former UFC heavyweight champion is already being considered as a legitimate contender in the heavyweight division.

The Cameroonian made his boxing debut in October against WBC world heavyweight champion Tyson Fury and emerged from the contest with plenty of plaudits despite losing by a split decision.

But while Ngannou will give his all when he faces Joshua in Saudi Arabia, retired British heavyweight David Price expects the two-time world champion to make easy work of his opponent in a performance which could look bad for Fury.

“I think Joshua will walk through him really in a boxing match,” Price told iFL TV.

“I think it will magnify what happened with Fury and get people talking more again.”


A few months ago Anthony Joshua would have been a MASSIVE odds-on favourite for a fight against former UFC heavyweight king Francis Ngannou. Not anymore.

Joshua vs Ngannou, set for March 8 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia is now a live match after Ngannou proved a revelation on his pro boxing debut – taking WBC and lineal heavyweight king Tyson Fury to the brink before losing a disputed split decision.

Francis Ngannou Anthony Joshua Frank Warren Oleksandr Usyk Tyson Fury

While Joshua will start a firm favourite, this is not the foregone conclusion many would be expected before Ngannou shocked ‘The Gypsy King’. As promoter Frank Warren knows only too well.

Ahh s***, here we go again' - Anthony Joshua posts GTA meme reaction to Francis  Ngannou fight being signed and confirms date | talkSPORT

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Warren of course promotes Fury, and he saw the dream of that unification showdown vs Oleksandr Usyk almost wrecked by Ngannou’s supershow. He know believes Joshua faces a similarly stern test come March 8.

Frank Warren verdict

He told DAZN: “I think it’s a big jeopardy fight for AJ. I think he’s got the benefit what Tyson didn’t have going into the fight in as much that you’ve now seen him in a boxing ring. You know he can fight and you know what to expect.

“But then I think to myself what is Ngannou gonna learn from what his first fight was. Is he gonna improve? If he improves he’s gonna be a real handful. We know he can punch, he’s strong, he’s tough. It’s not a foregone conclusion whatsoever because I know now he can box – he’s a switch hitter who can punch and he can certainly fight inside.

“I think it’s gonna be an interesting fight, there’s no doubt about it. I think it will be a knockout, either way.”

Joshua normally towers over his opponents, but that size differential won’t be there this time, with Ngannou a fearsome physical specimen as well as a surprisingly adept boxer.

“This guy is a big, strong guy. Coming from the background he comes from, UFC, you know when they’re infighting, they’re used to claiming hold of each other and pulling each other around. He’s not somebody you’re just gonna push him around.”


Francis Ngannou is bulking up, pushing sleds, and turning heads. But why? As he gears up to face Anthony Joshua on March 8th, his regimen speaks volumes. 

Eddie Hearn, Joshua’s promoter, recently labeled the fight a “Jeopardy” match. Ngannou’s legs are stealing the spotlight.

Hearn’s nervousness adds a layer of intrigue. Can muscle mass translate to boxing prowess? Joshua, with his own string of KOs, seems unfazed. Yet, the focus is on Ngannou’s physique. Is this the secret weapon or a mere distraction? In the Saudi spotlights, will size be the deciding factor?

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Francis Ngannou AND Anthony Joshua

Francis Ngannou took to Instagram, sharing his intense training regimen with the world. Captioning his post “Work work work ☝🏿 #JoshuaNgannou,” he provided fans with a rare peek into his dedication. In the series of photos, Ngannou is seen in the initial position for a sled push exercise, functional strength training exercise where an individual pushes a weighted sled across a surface.

Impressively, the post quickly amassed over 29k likes. This strategic move not only showcases his physical readiness but also serves as a powerful statement of intent as he prepares to face Anthony Joshua. And fans were there to voice their opinions.

Pride of a continent: Ngannou as Africa’s champion

As Francis Ngannou’s training post captured the attention of fans worldwide, reactions poured in. One fan voiced a tactical observation, saying, “If you’ll survive third round of Joshua then you’ll be the winner..he gets tired so quick.” This comment underscores the strategic aspect of endurance in boxing matches, suggesting Ngannou’s stamina could be his key to victory.

Transitioning from strategy to support, this fan expressed apprehension for the opposition, remarking, “Bro muscles getting bigger I’m Nigerian but I’m scared for Joshua fr.” Another fan, highlighting Ngannou’s heritage, proudly declared, “The child of Africa.”

This fan’s comment, “We coming for all the titles. UFC eating their words. You are the main character. Best heavyweight ever,” speaks volumes about the confidence Ngannou’s fans have in his cross-sport potential and their belief in his superiority over both his past and future opponents.

This person directly addressed the competition with, “francisngannou you’re gonna beat @anthonyjoshua no matter what,” showcasing unwavering support and belief in Ngannou’s victory.

Together, these reactions paint a vivid picture of the public’s perception, ranging from strategic considerations to emotional investments, all eagerly awaiting the outcome of this titanic clash.

Together, these reactions paint a vivid picture of the public’s perception, ranging from strategic considerations to emotional investments, all eagerly awaiting the outcome of this titanic clash.


Mike Tyson shows off remarkable punch power at 57… incredible clip emerges of former heavyweight champion hitting the pads in the gym months after helping Francis Ngannou prepare for his fight with Tyson Fury

Mike Tyson still has his remarkable punching power at the age of 57, as an incredible clip has emerged of the boxing legend hitting the pads in practice.

Tyson was seen in the ring with coach Rafael Cordeiro, who posted a video of the pair to his Instagram.

And Tyson looked extremely spry in the clip as he dodged his coach’s punches and delivered some forceful blows himself.

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‘Another day at the office! Thank you for everything my Brother!,’ Cordeiro captioned the clip.

The video comes months after Tyson helped MMA star Francis Ngannou prepare for his crossover fight with Tyson Fury.

Tyson was approached by Ngannou ahead of his crossover fight against Fury last October.

He told Mail Sport, ‘How many times do you really get to be involved in an immortal event.’

‘How many times in my life will I be able to do something like this.

‘Some of the magnitude. So, of course I would want to be involved in this and say yes to being a part of this.’

Tyson became the sport’s youngest heavyweight champion at the age of 20 back in 1986.

He worked with Ngannou to help improve his striking skills, precision and ring intelligence.


Anthony Joshua’s fight with Deontay Wilder evaporated little more than an hour before he thought he was going to get it.

But if AJ defeats Francis Ngannou next month, he could set himself on a path that leads once again towards a possible showdown with British heavyweight rival Tyson Fury

It has been much discussed. Talks have started up and failed multiple times. But still, could Tyson Fury vs Anthony Joshua actually happen?

The two are titans in British boxing with Fury the reigning WBC champion and Joshua, a former unified heavyweight champion, currently working his way back to the top.

Anthony Joshua Tyson Fury

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Both have significant bouts coming up. On March 8 Joshua will box Francis Ngannou, the former UFC champion who gave Fury an expectedly difficult 10-round bout last year.

Then, on May 18, Fury meets Oleksandr Usyk, the WBO, WBA and IBF heavyweight titlist, in their rescheduled undisputed championship fight.

Should the two British heavyweights prevail in their respective contests, a natural question will be whether they could finally fight each other in 2024.

Anthony Joshua’s promoter Eddie Hearn is advocating for precisely that. “If there’s a chance to jump in late summer or early autumn and make AJ vs Fury, it can be done and there’s ways to make it happen. I think there’s every chance that could happen,” Hearn told Sky Sports.

“[With] contracts, everyone’s got to be respected in that sense. But the pressure will be on to make that fight.”

Fury has said he will have two fights with Usyk, but was open to boxing Joshua down the line.

Frank Warren, who co-promotes Fury, told the Toe2Toe podcast: “There are contractual commitments and they will have to be fulfilled.”

But he believes the landscape of heavyweight boxing will continue to develop.

Of the other heavyweight contenders Warren said: “They’re all going to be trying to get themselves into a position to have a fight for one of the mandatory [positions] or fight for a vacant title if the titles fragment again, which I hope they won’t.

“It’s like a renaissance in boxing. Big cards are happening, which we could never under normal circumstances put together because they wouldn’t work out financially but because they’re part of this event, Riyadh season, it’s great for the fans.

“The heavyweight division, it’s never been as lively as this.”

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Anthony Joshua Francis Ngannou

A path for Anthony Joshua to fight for a world championship once more could open up this year.

Hearn said: “It’s going to be interesting. Obviously, a lot’s got to happen, AJ’s got to beat Ngannou and Fury’s got to beat Usyk. One of the reasons that we took the Ngannou fight is because we knew it could take us there quicker because of the vision out there.

“It does look like it [Fury vs Joshua] is close but everyone’s got a job to do first.

“We signed for Joshua against [Deontay] Wilder and we were an hour away from announcing it in the ring and then Joseph Parker goes and beats him. So anything can happen.”

Ngannou will only be having his second professional boxing contest when he fights Joshua next month. That bout then will be a tall order for a mixed martial artist taking on a seasoned former champion.

But in his pro debut, Ngannou did manage to drop Fury. In that sense, he will pose a threat.

“You’ve got two immovable objects, two massive men and Ngannou is huge,” Hearn said. “AJ should be much too good for him but this is the heavyweight division and it’s a very dangerous test.

“All that matters is March 8 for us, because anything can happen in that fight.

“For me this is a performance that has to encompass discipline and brutality.”

Joshua did look in form when he boxed Otto Wallin last time out, handily stopping the Swede in five rounds.

“In the changing room before the Wallin fight when he was hitting pads with Ben [Davison, in a new training partnership], I’ve never seen anything like it and I’ve never seen him like it. The noise every time he hit the pads was like a cannon going off,” Hearn said.

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Anthony Joshua Francis Ngannou Deontay Wilder

“I can’t believe the turnaround just in confidence, in sharpness, in power and belief.

“If AJ understands the game and he believes, he is unbeatable in there and we’re moving towards that.”

He added: “You’re only as good as your last fight and if that is the case AJ is the best heavyweight in the world right now. But for me, that’s judged over time and I think you have to say that Fury is probably the No 1 guy.”

Joshua’s promoter, however, believes a dominant performance against Ngannou will strengthen the Watford man’s case for a shot at Fury, in a fight that both Britons, and British boxing, would like to see.

“Fury and Usyk are duking it out for, on paper, the No 1 heavyweight spot in the world,” Hearn said. “If [Fury] can beat Anthony Joshua he’s beaten absolutely everybody.

“That’s true legendary status, that’s the great of our generation.

“I think he does want greatness. I know AJ does and I truly believe that AJ will beat Ngannou and then he will beat Tyson Fury for the undisputed championship.”



Ahead of the non-title fight between former WBA heavyweight world champion Anthony Joshua and Francis Ngannou, on March 8 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Dewey Cooper, former kickboxer and the trainer of Francis for the rumble fight in Riyadh in an Exclusive Interview with BusinessDay’s ANTHONY NLEBEM speaks on the strategy and the training plans ahead of the bout. Except

As Francis Ngannou the trainer, what is his training routine like in preparation for Anthony Joshua’s fight?

Anthony Joshua to face Francis Ngannou in Saudi showdown

The training camp has been great, we are in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia training and Francis looks fantastic, we have love for our African brethren, but Anthony Joshua will fall on March 8.

How is Francis Ngannou prepared for the fight against Anthony Joshua considering that he is older than Anthony Joshua?

Tyson Fury was yelling at Francis Ngannou too, we were very much prepared for this fight, we worked hard. Francis came up in the same mind as Cameroonian. We put the same work ethic into our training camp. We work so hard that if you don’t work hard at the level, you will not be successful. Francis is working extremely hard for this fight and come March 8, it will all show.

Anthony Joshua and Francis Ngannou set for eight-figure paydays as Forbes  predicts massive fight purses | talkSPORT

What is Francis Ngannou doing differently, his diet and training routines?

That is private information for us and we do not want to reveal this. But I can tell you that Francis is eating clean, training hard and resting well. As I said earlier, it’s going to be a great fight on March 8 between two strong African men, Francis is going to shock the world as he did against Tyson Fury.

Is Francis Ngannou looking forward to having a title fight in future?

The winner of the fight will face the winner of Tyson Fury vs Oleksandr Usyk in a title fight. After March 8, the round world title match will be next, so it’s going to happen. Victory for Francis will give him the opportunity for a world heavyweight and undisputed titles and that is the plan for us. Defeat Anthony Joshua and move on to the next step.

Joshua is hoping to get an undisputed world title shot with wins against Francis Ngannou and Filip Hrgovic but Eddie Hearn thinks it could come even sooner

Anthony Joshua is hoping wins against Francis Ngannou and Filip Hrgovic will set up an undisputed world title fight.

Joshua looks to pick up where he left off last year when he fights former UFC champion Ngannou on March 8 in Saudi Arabia. The fight was supposed to be taking place just a few weeks after Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk’s undisputed clash, but Fury suffered a cut in training and the fight has been pushed back to May 18.

Anthony Joshua vs Andy Ruiz

The winner of Joshua vs Ngannou was promised a shot at the undisputed belts but that won’t take place until next year as Fury and Usyk have to fight twice. Matchroom Boxing boss Eddie Hearn thinks there is a chance that Joshua could jump the line for a fight against Fury if both Brits win their upcoming fights.

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“The timing worked perfectly for AJ to stop Ngannou and for Fury to win. We appreciate there’s this fight and this rematch, but you know how things are going to go. Come on, you know how His Excellency moves. When the biggest fight in the history of the sport is in front of you to make I’m sure as hell find a way to keep everybody happy and make that fight but it’s irrelevant right now,” he told iFL TV.

Anthony Joshua vs Tyson Fury

“We need that fight to happen and now that fight is happening two months after our fight. So it sounds more likely that if AJ if triumphant will fight Filip Hrgovic for a world title, which is fine and then we’ll fight the winner of Fury vs Usyk. AJ is just like ‘Sign me up to everything, I’m going to beat everyone.’

Fury recently outlined his five-fight wishlist that included potential doubleheader against Joshua and Hearn admitted that he wants ‘The Gypsy King’ to stay in boxing for as long as possible. “I love to hear this. Boxing would be a worse or weaker place without Tyson Fury, keep him in the sport,” Hearn added.

“This is what I told you, he’s got the bit between his teeth. Good, I like seeing Tyson Fury like that. Good luck to him, he says two Usyk fights but I believe there’ll be one. I love it, music to my ears. Guess what, Hrgovic is going to knock Ngannou out and beat Hrgovic if that’s what he’s got to do. Then he’s going to knockout Tyson Fury.”




The former UFC champion is filled with confidence ahead of his second-ever boxing fight

Francis Ngannou already had plenty of fans, but he earned a lot of appreciation and gained thousands of new fans when he made his boxing debut a few months ago.

Ngannou went toe-to-toe with heavyweight champion Tyson Fury in the ring, giving the boxing behemoth one of his toughest fights ever and even knocking him down. The judges ended up favoring Fury in a decision, but many still believe Ngannou did enough to win. Of course, so does Ngannou.

Francis Ngannou claims he beat Tyson Fury

Anthony Joshua vs Francis Ngannou

The former UFC champion, while appearing on the “High Performance Podcast”, said he believes he was robbed of the victory.

I won. Look at me now, look at my life, look at where I was when you think I lost. You think because some foolish judges make some decision, that changes anything in my life? The dream that I was in since I was kid, I was, that night, living that dream on top of the world. I was there. And for all the people that (have) been doubting me, I was there proving them wrong. I won everything.

Francis Ngannou says he will take Anthony Joshua’s soul

With Fury in the rearview mirror for now, Ngannou is preparing to attempt another boxing stunner. He will face Anthony Joshua on March 8 in his second-ever boxing bout.

Ngannou wants to do whatever it takes to not let the decision go to the judges’ hands. He proceeded to send a warning to Joshua, as well.

Tyson Fury VS Francis Ngannou

Nothing is impossible, right? We don’t know the strength of Anthony Joshua but… I don’t believe he has that strength, but we’re going to find out. We’re going to find out, and I think the reverse is going to happen. I’m going to be the one taking his soul.

Joshua, like Ngannou, has something to prove. He’s been at the very top of the heavyweight division but hasn’t held a title since losing all of his belts to Oleksandr Usyk in September of 2021.

With three straight wins, Joshua has to keep the momentum going in order to get another world title shot.

Paul Butlin doesn’t fear much outside the ring, since he’s been imposed with so many punishments inside it. This was evident in his recent video, where a random stranger is trying to batter him with words. Stepping into the boxing ring with Anthony Joshua for his second professional fight in 2013, Paul Butlin faced a daunting challenge. The 6ft 6in Olympic gold medalist delivered a right hand that left Butlin with a sizable cut above his eye in round two.

However, this was just one episode in Butlin’s eventful career. During the Derek Chisora rematch, Chisora took an unconventional approach, reminiscent of Mike Tyson’s infamous bite on Evander Holyfield, by biting Butlin’s ear. This incident led to Chisora’s boxing ban for four months. Despite the physical toll and unusual encounters, when Butlin retired from boxing in 2016, he seamlessly transitioned into a new career by becoming a bailiff. However, it came with its own difficulties, as is evident from a recently resurfaced clip.

Anthony Joshua

Man threatens to “punch the f**k out of” Anthony Joshua’s former rival Paul Butlin

Paul Butlin, known for his resilience in the boxing ring, unexpectedly found himself in the spotlight after a viral confrontation at his current job. Originally shared in 2021, the clip regained attention when boxing reporter Michael Benson reposted it. The video depicts a heated exchange between Butlin and an enraged man upset over a delivered letter concerning an outstanding fine. With 1.1 million views on YouTube and circulating on platforms like TikTok, this incident has brought Butlin more attention than his bout against Joshua.

And even there, thousands more have witnessed the contentious encounter. The man in the video was unaware of Butlin’s past status as he threatened to “punch the f**k out of” Butlin, saying, “I’ll absolutely f***ing annihilate you.” In response, Butlin, avoiding conflict, calmly stated, “I’m not here to fight you; I’m not a fighter, mate.” Fortunately, the situation did not escalate to violence, and the men resolved the issue amicably.

Nevertheless, fans were impressed by Butlin’s composure and commended him for his adept handling of such a chaotic situation.

Anthony Joshua vs Tyson Fury

Fans were impressed by Paul Butlin’s restraint

One fan remarked that it requires considerable restraint for someone like Butlin not to retaliate with a punch at the first disrespectful remark directed towards him.

Another fan stated that Paul Butlin was already aware that the result could be nothing but ugly if he had started the altercation with the provocative man. So, he chose the wiser path instead.

One fan mentioned that they were annoyed by the man who held the camera and was shouting at the former boxer.

Anthony Joshua vs Francis Ngannou

A fan, however, stated that he would choose the man with the camera in a fight since Butlin lost to someone like Anthony Joshua.

An X user called the angry man “lucky” that Butlin had so much patience, referring to him as “a saint.”

Otherwise, he’d have been annihilated if it had been somebody else in his place.

The majority of fans had nothing but praise for Paul Butlin’s actions. Most of them sided with Butlin’s approach to handling the situation. What are your thoughts on this? Share them in the comments section.

Anthony Joshua will take on Francis Ngannou in March, but he may not get the chance to face the winner of Tyson Fury’s unification fight with Oleksandr Usyk.

Before his bout with Ngannou in March, Joshua has been dealt a setback. AJ is facing face the former MMA fighter in a heavyweight division match in Saudi Arabia.

However, even if he wins, he may not fight the winner of Fury’s unification bout with Usyk. Usyk defeated Joshua in 2021 to claim his WBO, IBF, and WBA belts, before winning a rematch the following year.

Since then, Joshua has triumphed over Jermaine Franklin, Robert Helenius and Otto Wallin. He is now preparing to fight Ngannou, who controversially lost to Fury in December, though many experts felt he should have won.

But Joshua must come to terms with the fact that he might have to wait before facing Fury or Usyk. Turki Alalshikh, the chairman of Saudi Arabia’s General Authority for Entertainment said: “I’ll tell you what is in my mind. If Ngannou wins then he will have a rematch against the champion.

anthony joshua

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“If Joshua wins and the way of the winner of Tyson/Usyk, it will be (a) long time because they will have (a) rematch. We are thinking and discussing with Joshua and (Filip) Hrgovic camps to maybe have a fight between them. I guarantee Usyk and he has my word, of two more big fights.”

Joshua, despite recent struggles, insists he’s still at the top of his game. He hinted at reclaiming the belts he lost to Usyk three years ago. “I’ve never left! I’ll always be [there]. From the minute I’ve laced up these gloves from the amateurs until now, I’ve managed to keep my name at the top of the amateur scene and the professional scene.

“It’s just the truth, it’s just how it is, and I think it’ll be that way until I don’t want to fight anymore. For the fans at home they just want to see matches. At the same time, it’s like ‘I don’t care, just get the fight done’.

“You will never know what it’s like or what it feels like to be a champion until you become one and, for me, belts will always matter because it’s something that you set your goals out to achieve as a little kid. If you are a tennis fan you win your trophies, footballer you win a trophy, boxing you win a title.”

Francis Ngannou AND Anthony Joshua

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Ngannou, however, won’t make it easy for Joshua. The 37-year-old is confident he can beat Joshua and has demanded a chance to face him. “Maybe make him look ordinary. When extraordinary people meet, they might just look ordinary. Of course, I think I can beat him,” Ngannou said when the fight was announced.

“I called for the fight and I’m here really to beat him and that’s why I came over here. I’ve been calling for those fights for four years. I’m not here to show up, I’m here to take over.”