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A weighty topic consuming boxing these days is who should be Gervonta Davis’ next opponent. 

“Tank” currently competes as a lightweight but has previously fought at 140 pounds and it’s been said by his camp that he could even still make 130 pounds.

There is no scarcity for top-shelf opponents Davis could face. Chief among them are lightweights Shakur Stevenson and Vasiliy Lomachenko and super lightweights Devin Haney and Teofimo Lopez Jr.

Gervonta Davis vs. Conor Benn

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In recent weeks, Davis has even been open to fighting Conor Benn, who last fought at 150 pounds and 154 pounds before that.

Hall of Fame fighter and former four-division champion Roy Jones Jr. was the pound-for-pound king during his heyday and knows first hand giving up size advantages. Jones famously stepped up from light heavyweight to heavyweight in 2003, competed at a 33-pound disadvantage as a 193 fighter to score a unanimous decision win against John Ruiz for the title.

“Tank has been doing a great job of what he’s been doing, so he doesn’t have to call anyone’s name. He’s fine because he’s must-see TV by himself. That’s what you want to be able to be,” Jones told BoxingScene.com in an interview. “If you’re must-see TV by yourself, it doesn’t matter who you fight. The rest of those guys need him. He doesn’t need them. So, for him he can fight whoever he wants to fight.

“Yeah, they’re going to demand that he fights some names soon, but in the meanwhile, he fights whoever he wants to fight because why? He’s must-see TV, no matter who he’s in there against.

“You want to see him fight Shakur. Yeah, you want to see him fight Haney. Haney is probably going to outgrow him. Shakur ain’t going to be far behind that because [Davis] is short, and they’re not.

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“So, if he’s going to fight one of them, he better hurry up and do it now because the longer he waits, the more it weighs in their favor. They’re both going to get bigger than him. So, maybe he’ll go and fight Loma. They’re both still at 135. Why not go and fight Loma now? I don’t know. Tank is a very difficult guy to deal with. He’s got a lot of weapons and a lot of tools.”

Davis last fought in April and knocked out Ryan Garcia in a 136-pound catchweight clash.


Why hasn’t the boxing world seen Devin Haney and Gervonta Davis in the ring together yet? 

Bill Haney drops a bombshell on The MMA Hour, hinting at an “ultimate grudge match” brewing beneath the surface. Oddly, despite their paths almost crossing in the past, something always stops the fight from finalizing.

Is it fear, money, or something more peculiar? Bill speaks up. With a history of near-misses and heated exchanges, this potential showdown is shrouded in intrigue. What’s really holding back the clash of these titans?

Tank is scared to death': Devin Haney and Gervonta Davis trade words - Bad  Left Hook

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Bill Haney didn’t mince words about the anticipated fight between Devin Haney and Gervonta Davis“I mean, the ultimate grudge match is Tank himself,” he declared. According to Bill, the boxing community has begun to question the delay, pushing for clarity and action. “I know that you guys, the leading professionals in the industry, have now started to say, okay, what’s the problem then? And I love it,” he shared.

Furthermore, Bill Haney dismissed the usual barriers cited for not finalizing the fight. “They’re running out of excuses about the money and the popularity and all these other things,” he confidently stated. Bill conveyed how the ongoing situation has affected him. “I told him, you got to deal with him now or you’re going to deal with him later,” he recounted, signaling a warning or perhaps a prophecy about the inevitable clash.

His tone then shifted to a lighter note, revealing the positive impact of his son’s success on their lives. “My suits are getting more nicer, I’m smiling more better, and I don’t look like I’m going nowhere,” he said. Bill Haney’s words on The MMA Hour serve as a powerful statement of intent and a call to action for Gervonta Davis’ camp.

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In the same interview, he listed how the Saudis wanted to make this fight happen.

Bill Haney revealed the lengths to which negotiations had gone, involving none other than Saudi Arabia’s royal advisor, Turki Alalshikh. “Well, we got it close enough that his excellency Turki Alalshikh came on board,” Haney disclosed. The negotiations took a peculiar turn when “Tank suggested that he be given or sent some couple Ferraris,” a demand that seemed to test the limits of generosity.

Bill Haney recounted, “Turki Alalshikh himself said that he would only be sending gloves to the Tank Davis team.” This stark refusal marked the collapse of talks, with the fight’s fate sealed by unmet extravagant demands. Devin is now set to face Ryan Garcia on April 20, 2024. Whereas Davis hasn’t found an opponent yet.


The World Boxing Council has confirmed that Devin Haney will defend his WBC super lightweight title on April 20 before the official announcement.

Golden Boy and DAZN have yet to put out a release on Haney facing Ryan Garcia despite posting that the fight got signed for the spring. The venue is also not confirmed.

However, the WBC revealed what they know ahead of an official confirmation from Golden Boy, DAZN, Haney, and Garcia.

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Ryan Garcia Devin Haney

Devin Haney title defense

The WBC stated: “After several weeks of negotiating, World Boxing Council super lightweight champ Devin Haney will defend his title against Ryan García. The protagonists of this attractive fight announced it through their social networks. The possible fight date will be April 20, with a venue to be defined.

“With a record of 31-0, champion Haney was born in San Francisco, California, 25 years ago. He has just won the 140-pound title after defeating Regis Prograis. Devin turned professional at age 16 but could not do so in the United States due to minimum age regulations, so his first fights were in Mexico.

“His first professional rival was the Mexican Gonzalo López. He knocked out Lopez in the first round with 33 seconds left. Since December 11, 2015, and after eight years, the American remains undefeated. He will now face Ryan García, with whom he has already had six fights in the amateur arena, winning three each.

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Ryan Garcia on April 20

“Ryan García (24-1), who was already interim WBC lightweight champion, comes into this fight after knocking out the tough Mexican Oscar Duarte last December 2.”

After talks with Rolly Romero fell through, further details regarding Haney vs Garcia will come from Oscar De La Hoya. Floyd Mayweather had urged Garcia to face Romero instead until discussions fell flat.

Romero claimed the offer was not as good as Al Haymon’s offer to face Isaac Cruz. He later retracted that statement and admitted the Garcia offer was more from De La Hoya.


Ryan Garcia’s loss last year to Gervonta “Tank” Davis followed weeks of banter between the two fighters that sometimes seemed to cross a line.

Yet Garcia says his upcoming fight against Devin Haney is “way more personal” than the April 2023 bout against Davis.

Speaking to the DAZN Boxing Show, Garcia explained why his fight against the WBC world super lightweight champion hits closer to home than his showdown with “Tank.”

Devin Haney Ryan Garcia

“I just don’t like people like them,” Garcia said of Haney. “They’re fake, they’re phony, they have no substance to them.


“Even the way he boxes, it’s like he has no substance. No anything behind it, no weight. He’s fake diamonds.

“How could you tell the difference between a real diamond and a fake diamond or fake gold and real gold? The weight.

“They’re fake, a hundred percent. Phonies.”


Ryan Garcia and Devin Haney are preparing for what can become one of the biggest fights of this year.

The two have already signed a deal and the date for the long-awaited bout has also been set. Now, the only thing to do is to wait for the two to settle their differences through the might of their fists. However, it won’t be an easy task for either of them. However, the Dream seems more than confident.

Considering Haney’s status as the former undisputed lightweight champion and Garcia’s quick hands, the fight can go either way. But for Haney, the outcome of the fight has already been decided. He is sure about his plans to come in April. Here’s what ‘The Dream’ plans to do to Garcia in their upcoming match-up.

Ryan Garcia Devin Haney

Garcia faced criticism after a TKO defeat to Gervonta Davis last April, rebounding with a win against Oscar Duarte in December. Now, Devin Haney, 25, is determined to make Ryan Garcia “quit.”

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Their professional clash, following six amateur encounters, has fueled intense speculation. Garcia, provoked the narrative, urging prayers for Haney’s well-being and insinuating that his father might have to intervene during their fight. Haney, while responding to the question of the fight’s outcome on DAZN Boxing, replied, asserting Garcia’s history of quitting and predicting a similar outcome on fight night.

The Dream stated, “We’ve seen Ryan quit before and I think this won’t be anything different. Once you have that quit in you, it’s installed in you, you know how to do it. I think he’ll quit on April 20th.”

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gervonta davis

The Dream stated, “We’ve seen Ryan quit before and I think this won’t be anything different. Once you have that quit in you, it’s installed in you, you know how to do it. I think he’ll quit on April 20th.”

Bill Haney, Devin’s father, and trainer, didn’t shy away from addressing Garcia’s personal life. In a tweet, he shared an image of the book ‘Pimp’ by Iceberg Slim. Hinting at Garcia’s recent divorce, Bill Haney wrote, “Here ya go kid @RyanGarcia read this and your ex-wife will magically walk back in your life and you will live happily ever after.”

This personal jab adds a new dimension to the already intense rivalry, making their upcoming clash not only a battle for supremacy in the ring but a showdown with personal feelings.


‘KingRy’s about-face from one potential opponent to another has come under scathing attack both from fans and pundits alike. But in certain quarters, it’s felt that the criticism against Ryan Garcia is unwarranted.

The year began with updates about talks going on for a fight with Devin Haney. But soon came the shock that Ryan Garcia wanted to fight Rolando Romero instead. Subsequently, Jose Ramirez replaced Romero’s name. The noise of a call out to Isaac ‘Pitbull Cruz also echoed. So most fans must be heaving a sigh of relief now that the Garcia-Haney fight is back on track for good. But the development hasn’t seen a let-off in the share of flak reserved for ‘KingRy’. However, a former champion feels that what Garcia has been doing is all for a good reason.

Boxer Ryan Garcia announces birth of son, divorce in consecutive posts;  later deletes latter | Fox News

After all, Ryan Garcia served as a catalyst in bringing about one of the biggest fights last year. Though it’s a different fact, he ended up experiencing the first loss of his career. Nevertheless, the question remains. Does Garcia deserve credit for bringing about a hugely successful bout? Former welterweight champion Andre Berto might find himself among the select few who feel there’s a justification behind what ‘KingRy’ does.


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The Haitian-American boxer, who returned to the ring last December after a gap of five years, believes Ryan Garcia deserves more respect than he gets now. Time and again, he has proven that records are the last thing that occupies his mind. “Gotta show @RyanGarcia some respect, kid showing he doesn’t care about protecting the record,” said ‘The Beast’.

He is trying his best to bring about huge, significant battles. He enjoys a massive following across social media. Hence, if he wanted, he could have just played to the gallery and fought boxers with little to no skills. Instead, he has been chasing big names because the only thing he longs for is respect.

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Ryan Garcia Returns With A Knockout Victory, Overcomes Adversity In Round 8  - Sports Illustrated Boxing News, Analysis and More

Just trying to make the biggest fights happen in his division. He’s popular, has a huge following. He could easily play the internet game and fight bums, but he wants real respect,” Andre Berto said.

Ryan Garcia finally has a fight in hand. He will face archrival Devin Haney on April 20 in Las Vegas. The agreement comes nearly a month after the first attempt to seal a deal caved in. Scores of fans must be praying with fingers crossed, wishing that the match makes it through this time. After all, by any stretch of thought, it’s a big fight not only for Garcia and his fans but, most critically, for boxing itself.


Ryan Garcia‘s altercation with Devin Haney at the Super Bowl LVIII Radio Row has taken the internet by storm. However, several well-known entities belonging to the boxing world sharply disapproved of the incident. Among others, Gervonta Davis, Jake Paul, and Jermall Charlo sarcastically reacted to Ryan Garcia pushing Devin Haney.

Only yesterday, it was confirmed that after all the drama, Ryan Garcia and Devin Haney finally signed a deal. As per the deal, the two will share the ring on April 20th with Haney’s WBC Super-Lightweight title on the line. Ahead of the fight, the duo ran into a brawl, shocking the boxing world.

Devin Haney Ryan Garcia

At the Super Bowl LVIII Radio Row, as soon as Devin Haney spotted Ryan Garcia, ‘The Dream’ sought Garcia’s attention. However, ‘KingRy’ reminded Haney that the two were not friends and would fight on the 20th of April. In addition, he called Haney’s father a pimp. “Your dad is a pimp and he’s pimping you. I’m a beat you. You’re soft. Your dad can’t talk for you,” Garcia told Haney. However, Haney responded to Garcia by calling the latter “whack“.

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At this Garcia, proceeded to allude to the sparring session between Devin and Gervonta Davis, now Abdul Wahid after converting to Islam. “We saw that video with ‘Tank’. He beat your a**. Floyd showed me he had you a** beaten,” stated ‘KingRy’. At this, although Haney promised to defeat Garcia in the ring, the latter called ‘The Dream’ a ghost and violently pushed him.

Undoubtedly, as soon as the altercation between Haney and Garcia became public, several entities from the boxing world reacted to it. Later, FightHype uploaded a compilation of the reactions that Ryan Garcia’s violent encounter with Haney received.

Former professional boxer Raúl Márquez was disgusted by the incident. “IMO is this what boxing has come to? This fake nonsense? No need for this act,” he said.

Similarly, in a sarcastic tone, Jake Paul said, “Ooh this got me rock hard. Can ya’ll kiss next time?

Meanwhile, Anthony Dirrel wrote, “Oh wow“.

Likewise, Jermall Charlo wrote, “Smh“.

However, Gervonta Davis said, “Wwe“.

With that said, what did you think of the altercation between Ryan Garcia and Devin Haney? Do you think they scripted the confrontation? In addition, are you excited to see the two fight? Let us know in the comments below.


Who will emerge as the best? Devin Haney and Ryan Garcia tied 3–3 from their amateur days, are set to decide.

Their April 20 fight in Las Vegas, finalized earlier today, is more than a title bout; it’s a quest for supremacy. Past negotiations have been tumultuous, filled with public callouts and social media sparring, making the discussions ugly. But things have now changed for the better.

Despite their fierce rivalry, both fighters share a mutual respect, forged through years of competition in the amateur circuit. This fight is about breaking a deadlock that’s lasted years. Will this high-stakes clash finally settle the score over who’s better?

Notebook: Ryan Garcia, Devin Haney resume talks for April 20

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Devin Haney and Ryan Garcia will settle their scores in Las Vegas on April 20

At last, the deal is sealed. Mike Coppinger of ESPN broke the news, tweeting, “Devin Haney and Ryan Garcia have struck a deal to fight April 20 in Las Vegas for Haney’s junior welterweight championship, sources tell ESPN. Haney lands another marquee fight – his biggest yet – as he continues his star climb while Garcia lands his first title shot.”

This announcement marks a pivotal moment in both fighters’ careers. Haney, the reigning WBC junior welterweight champion, will defend his title against Garcia, a contender hungry for his first major championship. They have been in the negotiation battle for months, which was halted by Ryan’s interest in fighting Rolly Romero instead. Romero ended up signing a fight with Issac Cruz, which left Ryan in the mud. This time, though, it’s done. Garcia himself posted the news of this on his Instagram.

Ryan Garcia’s bold declaration: ‘Game 7 for everything’

Devin Haney talks potential Ryan Garcia fight

Ryan Garcia turns up the heat with a striking post on Instagram, sharing a fight poster and laying down a bold declaration for their April 20th clash. He captions, “April 20th ‘Garciavshaney – Game 7 this one is for everything… it counts now Devin. This fight for me means everything.” Garcia’s words echo his determination and hint at the stakes, “This is what I meant when I spoke on PBD podcast ‘I’m coming back for everything in Blood.’”

He even calls for prayers for Devin’s health, suggesting the intense nature of the upcoming battle. Garcia concludes with a powerful note, “Praise the Lord Jesus Christ. His name is above all. Forever and for eternity Amen,” signifying his faith and resolve as the fight approaches.

Will Garcia’s bold prophecy come to fruition, or will Haney’s quiet confidence see him through? Let us know in the comment section below.


Shakur Stevenson Pegged to Be Better Opponent for Gervonta Davis Than Devin Haney

Following Devin Haney‘s triumph over Regis Prograis, tensions have escalated in the rivalry between Haney and Gervonta Davis. Fans, eager for a showdown, have fervently expressed their desire to witness a clash between Haney and Gervonta Davis. Fueling the anticipation, an intense social media exchange between the two pugilists unfolded earlier in 2024, seemingly sealing an agreement for a future bout. But the promising match-up never materialized.

The eagerly awaited showdown faced a twist when Devin Haney disclosed that Davis hadn’t demonstrated significant interest in facing him. Now, former welterweight champion Shawn Porter has weighed in on the matter, expressing reservations about Davis taking on Haney. Porter believes that Davis has more appealing options available and will probably consider an alternative path than facing Haney.

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Haney Responds: "Truth Be Told I Beat The Shit Out Of Tank"

Shawn Porter throws Gervonta Davis’ words back at him

In a conversation with FightHype, Shawn Porter was asked about his opinions on the fallout of the fight between ‘The Dream’ and ‘Tank’. Well, Porter had a different outlook towards this, as he believed that this fight wasn’t going to happen anytime soon. He even divulged a better fight that’s already lined up for Gervonta Davis rather than taking up the bout against Haney.

Porter said, “Yeah, I mean, literally I’m throwing your words in your face. After the Mario Barrios fight, you said, ‘I’m not going back to 140’. That cuts out every big fight at 140 until he’s ready to move up. If he ain’t said he’s ready to move up, you know what I mean.” Porter, here, is referring to Davis’ comments after defeating Mario “El Azteca” Barrios in June 2021. Davis had said after the fight that he was comfortable at lightweight and would not go beyond the super lightweight division in future fights. With Haney already at Super lightweight and even planning a move up to welterweight in the future, a matchup between the two is highly improbable, according to ‘ Showtime’ Porter.

However, Porter thinks there is another more interesting fight that Davis must consider at lightweight itself. “I still think this, Shakur Stevenson– Tank Davis fight is the best fight to be made in boxing right now, stylistically, ticket sales, the whole nine,” claimed Porter. According to him, Stevenson can put up a better fight stylistically, and this fight would be the best one to be made for now.

Devin Haney is also not one to wait around. Bill Haney, Devin’s father, has already shown an interest in his son fighting other opponents. As of last week, another fighter might’ve just opened up.



Gervonta Dd his demands with Saudi Arabian sports authority after an announcement by its Sports Chairman Turki Alalshikh that he likes to bring “Tank” to his country together with archrival and former undisputed lightweight champion Devin Haney (31-0, 15 KOs).avis has reveale

NEWS;Tank via homicide Fans react as Manny Pacquiao reportedly shows interest in fighting Gervonta Davis

Turki told DAZN as quoted by World Boxing News: “I want him [Gervonta Davis]. I am sending a message now from you to [Al] Haymon. Let’s do a job, brother. But Haney, I want to see Haney in my country [too]. I am sending messages from you now to him. I will try to do it in 2024. Of course, we want him [to fight] in my country [of Saudi Arabia].”

Davis aired his stipulation in exchange for a nod to fight in Saudi Arabia. “They made me mad. If they want me, they must send something to my front door, like two Ferraris or something! Like before I even think about going over there,” Davis said.

Gervonta Davis vs Devin Haney - COUNTDOWN (FULL HD) - YouTube

That order by Davis is not difficult for Alalshikh to arrange, but any fight by Davis in the Middle East can affect the United States’ hold on boxing entertainment. Davis (29-0, 27 KOs) sold 1.3 million Pay Per Views in his fight against Ryan Garcia, which would threaten the American market if they decide to transfer his next fight to Saudi.

The Davis vs Garcia match had a revenue of $22.8 million, an amount that the Saudi gate receipts could not match. But they could pay that sum in advance, which could convince Davis to accept the Riyadh offer.

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Gervonta Davis, a 29-year-old boxer from Baltimore, Maryland, USA, has reigned supreme in multiple weight classes throughout his career. He has captured several world championships, including the WBA regular super featherweight title, the WBA regular lightweight title, and the WBA regular super lightweight title.

Haney, age 25, of San Francisco, California, USA, has held multiple world championships in two weight classes, including the World Boxing Council (WBC) super lightweight title. He was formerly the undisputed lightweight champion.

Tank is scared to death': Devin Haney and Gervonta Davis trade words - Bad  Left Hook

Due to Alalshikh and the Saudi Arabia’s unlimited funds, boxing had big fights made in the past months, including the December 23 match that featured Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder in separate fights.

The country will also host the much awaited undisputed heavyweight championship between Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Uysk on February 17, then to be followed by a “crossover” fight between Anthony Joshua and former UFC champion Francis Ngannou in March.

Sports History: January 23, 2015. Klay Thompson set an NBA record for the most points in a quarter, 37 points in the third period that fueled the Golden State Warriors victory against the Sacramento Kings, 126-101.