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There is no denying, when it comes to Coco Gauff‘s skill on the court! Aside from her incredible talent, she is also well-known for her outspokenness on a variety of issues.

The 19-year-old boldly voices her support for causes near and dear to her heart, from social justice to morality, and she gains respect for her dedication to changing the game both on and off the court.

Just like that, a few years ago, there was a time when she stood up and demanded change in black life’s concerns. Recently, an American broadcaster, a popular face of ESPN, shared her take on one of the poignant moments involving tennis while talking about an American tennis sensation’s speech concerning the same topic.

Coco Gauff Discusses Moment Of Prayer After US Open Win


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Gauff is a bright example of how sports can go beyond their confines to inspire change and promote meaningful conversation at a time when players are increasingly using their platform for advocacy. Recently, when the ESPN analyst was asked to talk about the memorable moments that she had covering women’s tennis, she opened up about the time when she went to Gauff’s hometown after she stood up for black lives matter.
She said, “Coco Gauff, I went down after she made the national scene, and going down to her house in Delray, meeting her grandmother, during the unrest that summer after George Floyd, that we heard Coco speak up. And I was just so proud of her. When I met her grandmother I was like, ‘Oh, of course, this is why she did it.’ “
She highlighted how, after hearing the 19-year-old speak up, she was not only impressed with the way she took a stand nationally. But at the same time, she also figures out who motivated her to be when she met her grandmother, in her hometown. It won’t be long to say that the US Open champion has not only impressed people with her tennis skills but also with her stand on various topics.
However, do you know that it was her grandmother who motivated her to be the vocalist that she is today? Back in 2020, after making her point clear, Gauff revealed why she decided to speak up and use the platform that she had.

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After an unarmed George Floyd was killed in jail, it was one of the biggest issues of the time. Back in 2020, it was her even 19-year-old who spoke out for justice, and that was one of the things she had to take forward from her grandmother. In one of the past interviews, she talked about how her grandmother inspired her to be a soloist and use her platform for the best.

She said, “She’s the sole, or one of the main, reasons why I use my platform the way that I do and why I feel so comfortable speaking out. For those who don’t know, She was the first black person to go to what was then called Seacrest High School. That happened, like, six months after Ruby Bridges did her integration.”

Not only that, but she also highlighted how her grandmother always reminded her that she is a person first, then an athlete, and how saying a speech is easier for her than putting out a tweet with less effect.



Some members of Chelsea FC’s women’s team picked Coco Gauff, Serena Williams, and Emma Raducanu as their favorite female athletes outside football.

The exercise was conducted on the occasion of USA’s National Girls and Women in Sports Day. The annual observance day dates back to 1987, when it was brought to life by then-US President Ronald Reagan after he signed Proclamation 5606.

Since 1987, it has been celebrated on one of the days in the first week of February. To celebrate the day, community-based events, activities, and award ceremonies are organized, which often feature female athletes of renown.

The Chelsea FC women’s team players who named their picks were Americans Catarina Macario and Mia Fishel, Canada’s Ashley Lawrence, and England’s Aggie Beever-Jones.

Coco Gauff Emma Raducanu

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Brazil-born Macario, who plays as a forward for both Chelsea FC’s women’s team and the USWNT, went first.

“My favorite female athlete outside of soccer is Serena Williams,” she said.

Up next, it was American forward Fishel’s turn.

“My favorite female athlete in the US be Coco (Gauff). She’s the young rising star and she’s killing it”, said Fishel.

Lawrence, a versatile player comfortable across both midfield and defense, also picked Gauff as her favorite.

“My favorite female athlete outside of football is Coco Gauff because she is a tennis player. I love watching tennis and she’s doing amazing things at such a young age, winning Grand Slams, and yeah, she’s just paving the way for future tennis players.”

Beever-Jones was the last one to name her pick.

“My favorite female athlete outside of football is Emma Raducanu.”

Coco Gauff got off to a dominating start at the WTA Finals on Monday in Cancún, Mexico, routing the No 6 seed Ons Jabeur 6-0, 6-1.

The 19-year-old needed just 57 minutes to seal the victory over her Tunisian opponent. The third-seeded Florida native became the first teenager to win a singles match at the season-ending finals since Caroline Wozniacki 14 years ago. Last year, Gauff lost all three of her singles matches in the WTA Finals at Fort Worth, Texas.

Gauff is looking for a strong finish to the season after capturing her first career grand slam title at the US Open. Jabeur got to the Wimbledon final this year, but she remains without a major championship despite reaching three finals.

The match was the opener for both players in the Chetumal Group. The other two players in the group also played their opener on Monday, as second-seeded Iga Swiatek of Poland got past seventh-seeded Czech Marketa Vondrousova 7-6 (3), 6-0.

Two groups of four players are competing in separate round robins in the tournament’s opening phase. The two top players in each group advance to the semi-finals on Saturday, with the Saturday winners competing for the championship on Sunday.

The Chetumal Group co-leaders will face off on Wednesday when Gauff takes on Swiatek.

Gauff saved all three break points she faced against Jabeur – all of which came in the final set – while also converting five of her eight break opportunities.



“Ons is a great player, so I felt really unsteady the whole match even though it didn’t [look] like that,” Gauff said. “But I’m just happy to finally get a win here in this event. Sometimes you win a couple games and the rain delay happens and the match can completely turn around. But I was able to stay steady the whole time.

“I got a marriage proposal yesterday so I’m feeling the love here in Cancún. I honestly wasn’t expecting as much support today … I appreciate you guys and hopefully we can get a lot more people to come as the week continues.”

Earlier, Swiatek recovered from a 5-2 deficit in the first set to storm past Vondrousova. The Polish player won four consecutive games to get back on serve, then pulled away from a 3-3 score in the tiebreaker, taking the last four points.

“Honestly, even in the first part of the match I wasn’t feeling like I was playing bad,” Swiatek said. “I just felt like I was making mistakes on the last shots within the rally. I felt that there was, for sure, room for improvement, but I didn’t need to change a lot. So I just wanted to be more precise and more solid … not play risky.”

Vondrousova fell apart in the second set, producing just one winner and 13 unforced errors. “I was 5-2 up and she started to play better,” Vondrousova said. “She didn’t give me much of a chance after. The second set, she was playing really amazing – there was nothing much to do.”


The Bacalar Group will return to action on Tuesday. Top-seeded Aryna Sabalenka of Belarus will oppose fifth-seeded Jessica Pegula of the US in a matchup of players who won their first match, while fourth-seeded Elena Rybakina of Kazakhstan and eighth-seeded Maria Sakkari of Greece will square off in a match-up of players who dropped their opener.

Coco Gauff has yet to see a lot in the tennis world. Although she has won her first Grand Slam title, she still has a long way to go before cementing her name as one of the best tennis players. Prior to that, however, the 19-year-old tennis player needs to understand the reality of the sport. Recently, Serena Williams‘ former coach, Rick Macci, who has lived and breathed tennis, talked about this actual athletic reality.  Even though the 68-year-old American tennis coach has shared his admission for the third-seeded tennis player, he believes opening her eyes to the actual world is also important. Let’s take a look at what Macci has to say about Coco Gauff gearing up to be a part of the bigger picture.

The 19-year-old American tennis sensation has made Serena Williams’ former coach her fan with her amazing tennis skills. But there are still a lot of things that she needs to work on. Rick Macci recently appeared on the ‘Tennisnerd’ podcast to talk about the trending players present on both the ATP and WTA circuits. During the conversation, he praised the third-seeded tennis player but also put front a ‘stop and start,’ reality that she needs to understand.
Macci said, “First off, I love Coco Gauff. Love the whole family. Olympic sprinter with a racket in her hand. People don’t like me saying that, but she is. And I’d love to see the 400 meter. I’m putting my money on Coco. You know, but I know it’s not track and field. tennis is stop and start.”
Firstly, he addressed how he loves the 2023 US Open champion’s athleticism, her spirit towards the sport, and everything about her. Along with that, he also stated how she is like an ‘Olympic sprinter’ in the tennis world, who he knows can achieve a lot in the future. But at the same time, he made it clear that it’s not track and field; tennis is all about getting into the game until the time you get out.
Nevertheless, just like the American tennis coach picked Gauff as her favorite, Martina Navratilova also recently made a strong statement about the 19-year-old tennis star’s future. Not only that, she also talked about how Carlos Alcaraz‘s influence in the tennis world can play a big role for her in the future.

Navratilova made a strong prediction regarding Coco Gauff’s future

Recently, in an interview with the WTA, the 59-time Grand Slam champion made a bold prediction on what Coco Gauff’s upcoming tennis season would look like. Along with that, she clearly mentioned how it won’t be a surprise if she doesn’t win a major this year, but at the same time, she displayed confidence in her winning Wimbledon as her next Grand Slam title.

She said, “I think you’ll see that across the board next year, the [Carlos] Alcaraz influence on the sport. For me, Coco should be the favorite on grass.” In addition, she not only predicted her next Grand Slam title but also highlighted how she could do wonders in the grass court competition the next year.

However, what did you think about Macci’s reality check for the 19-year-old? Do let us know in the comment section below.