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Ryan Garcia was the ultimate underdog going into the fight against Devin Haney last weekend. Nobody, besides a handful of Garcia’s fans, thought he would defeat ‘The Dream,’ that too in such a dominant fashion. But that didn’t include Claressa Shields, who was present at the venue and predicted Haney’s win.

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However, Garcia literally defied the odds to prove not only Shields wrong, but what seems like the majority of the boxing world. Nevertheless, though she is happy for Garcia, ‘The Goat’ feels ‘The Flash’ needs help! Something she revealed on social media yesterday with her heartfelt message to the boxer. However, the question is, why does she feel that way?

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Turning to X, the two-division undisputed female champion wrote, “Winning erases so much stuff. Even [though] Ryan won and I’m happy he proved me & a lot of us wrong! He still [needs] to go sit and talk with someone.” As to why she feels that way, it could have something to do with Garcia’s bizarre antics on X leading up to the fight.

It’s widely understood that all of his antics, conspiracy theories, and whatnot, was all a ploy to make Haney drop his guard, to convince everyone he wasn’t serious about the fight. Garcia even took advantage of that by betting $2 million on himself and making $12 million from the bet alone.

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However, Shields isn’t convinced all of those posts could have been to fool the world into thinking he wasn’t ready. So, Shields further added in her tweet, “Real s**t. [I don’t care] how y’all feel about it.” Despite what Shields thinks, a UFC legend is sure about Garcia’s marketing tactics.

Claressa Shields earned her title as the GWOAT after beating Savannah  Marshall | Daily Mail Online

In a social media post, Ryan Garcia claimed his fight against Devin Haney made him $50 million and more. So, it’s safe to say, marketing tactic or not, Garcia’s antics on X paid off big! So, while speaking about Garcia’s antics in his YouTube videoChael Sonnen didn’t hesitate to compare the boxer with Dennis Rodman.

Sonnen said, “I was going to say Ryan Garcia, and there was a basketball player named Dennis Rodman. I was just going to compare those two because they were very open and used that as part of their media, using it as part of their marketing.” It’s worth mentioning that like Garcia, Rodman was very unapologetic during his time in the sport, and because of it, he got a lot of attention.

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It seems like Claressa Shields is still worried about Garcia’s mental health, as she advises him to seek help. However, the likelihood of that happening seems low, since Ryan Garcia is back on X raising all sorts of hell. What do you think about Shields’ advice for Garcia? Let us know in the comments.


Ben Whittaker, boxing’s rising star, is gearing up for another electrifying bout. Recently, whispers of his next fight emerged.

Last seen dazzling against Khalid Graidia, Whittaker’s style stole the show. Known for blending showmanship with skill, he’s not your typical fighter. Picture a professional boxer dancing, almost mocking his opponent.

In his last clash, taunts and jabs flew, mesmerizing fans and frustrating foes. Professional boxers like Shakur Stevenson and Claressa Shields were in admiration of his style, and now that he is gearing up for another fight, they for sure will be watching. But who is he fighting next?

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Michael Benson recently set the boxing community abuzz with a tweet: “🥊 Announced: Ben Whittaker’s next fight will take place on the Fabio Wardley vs Frazer Clarke undercard, March 31st at the O2 Arena. Opponent TBC.” This pivotal update confirms Whittaker’s return to the ring, promising another showcase of his unique talents. Accordingly, on March 31st, the O2 Arena will host this highly anticipated event, featuring Whittaker in a supporting role to the headline bout between Fabio Wardley and Frazer Clarke.

Whittaker’s opponent remains to be confirmed, adding an element of suspense. Nevertheless, his flawless record of 6-0, with five knockouts, speaks volumes. Furthermore, this fight marks a significant step in Whittaker’s 2024 campaign to elevate his profile and demonstrate his prowess. Transitioning seamlessly from his last victory, the Olympic silver medalist aims to captivate the audience once more, blending his signature showboating with formidable boxing skills.

As his 360-degree spin went viral, he came on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani and talked about becoming an overnight sensation.

Whittaker’s unexpected fame

The aftermath of Ben Whittaker’s recent victory has catapulted him into an unexpected whirlwind of fame. Whittaker shared his astonishment at the sudden surge in attention. “It’s been crazy, if I’m honest,” he confessed. Icons like Shaquille O’Neal and Odell Beckham Jr. have not only messaged him but also followed and extended personal contacts.

Despite the star-studded recognition, Whittaker remains grounded, emphasizing, “I don’t do it for the views, I don’t do it for the likes. It’s my style.” This newfound popularity, marked by a significant increase in social media followers, underscores a pivotal moment in Whittaker’s career, although he humorously notes, “all publicity is good publicity, I suppose,” maintaining his focus on the sport rather than the spotlight.

As Whittaker prepares for his next bout on March 31st at the O2 Arena, the anticipation and expectations are higher than ever. How will Whittaker’s growing fame impact his future performances and persona in the boxing world?


As Claressa Shields gears up for her upcoming MMA match againstKelsey DeSantis on February 24th, the 28-year-old athlete bares the challenges she faced in the past year, including a battle with depression.

The two-time undisputed boxer, who signed with the PFL in August, candidly shared a revealing photo from December 2023, showcasing the toll her mental health took on her physique.

In her own words, Shields admitted, “Y’all I had let myself go for months. Not eating healthy, fighting depression, hormonal issues, not drinking my water & not working out.” Despite this tough period, she emphasized her resilience and the transformation she underwent. Shields attributed her drastic change to faith, expressing gratitude, and trying to inspire her fans by overcoming adversity. However, when one fan questioned God’s hand in her transformation. Shields made sure to let them know.

Claressa Sheilds


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In reaction to Claressa Shields’s gratitude-filled message, one fan remarked, “But with god…and a load of money and time, nutritionists, meal plans, and a huge team behind you! No?” The fan claimed that it was only because of the financial support she had that she could afford the other things and not God.

She candidly shared her own struggles, recounting moments when she couldn’t muster the strength to get out of bed or perform basic tasks like answering phone calls or taking a shower. Claressa Shields responded to the fan with empathy, emphasizing, “Depression does not care about the amount of money, success, meal plans, or a team.” Her openness shed light on the universal nature of mental health challenges, transcending external circumstances.

Moreover, she pointed out how she took the steps to improve herself. She stated, “I’d drag myself to church & just sit there and cry! No shame! But in my darkness, I got closer to God! He pulled me out!”

She credited God for helping her get back on her feet, acknowledging the role of faith in restoring her strength. Bolstered by this unwavering belief, she stands poised to secure yet another MMA victory.

In her return to the MMA scene, Claressa Shields faces off against Kelsey DeSantis, aiming to showcase her fighting prowess and add another victory to her 1-1 record. Transitioning from boxing to mixed martial arts, Shields harbors dreams of contending for an MMA world title.

Expressing her confidence, Shields stated, “I believe in a year or two I will be fighting for a world title.” Her primary goal is to demonstrate that boxers can excel in MMA and she is aspiring to become a PFL world champion. As we witness Shields’ remarkable evolution, it raises questions about the broader topic of combat sports athletes addressing mental health issues publicly.

What are your thoughts on Claressa Shields’ transformation and the openness of athletes talking about mental health? Share your perspective in the comments section below.


Ahead of her MMA return against Kelsey DeSantis on February 24th, Claressa Shields publicly revealed that she struggled with depression last year. In this process, the 28-year-old, who signed a multi-year agreement with the PFL in August last year, also shared a photo of herself from December 2023 to exhibit the weight she had gained. Frankly speaking, in the picture, Sheilds barely looked like a professional athlete.

However, Shields boasted of the fact that she finally overcame all the obstacles to prepare for the match against Kelsey for ‘PFL Champions vs. Bellator Champions’. In doing so, the two-time undisputed boxer thanked god and continued inspiring her fans in the sport.

Claressa Shields boasts of jaw-dropping transformation

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Claressa Sheilds

According to the latest post by Claressa Shields, the undisputed Middleweight champion went into depression after her last fight against Maricela Cornejo last year. While the 28-year-old, who recently lauded Keyshawn Davis for openly speaking about his struggle with mental health issues, did not go into the details, she mentioned that ‘T-Rex’ stopped working out and eating healthy food. As a result, Shields gained weight and went out of shape. Taking to X, sharing a photo from December last year, Shields wrote that she was “not ashamed” to admit she had gone through a “rough time“. However, she was proud of herself. “Y’all I had let myself go for months. Not eating healthy, fighting depression, hormonal issues, not drinking my water & not working out,” she wrote.

In October I defeated depression and started taking back over my life! This first pic is Early December, 2nd pic is from TODAY! It was not easy…. But with God!” Shields added. Certainly, the transformation is inspirational. And now that Claressa Shields is back in fighting shape, fans cannot wait to see her return to MMA against Kelsey DeSantis this February.

Shields just wants to prove her potential in MMA

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Returning to MMA against Kelsey DeSantis, Claressa Shields just wants to show that she has an aptitude for fighting. In addition, the boxer-turned-mixed-martial-artist hoped she would eventually compete for a world title in MMA. “I believe in a year or two I will be fighting for a world title,” said Shields. “I just want to come back and show that boxers can do MMA and that I have the potential to be a PFL world champion one day,” Shields emphasized.

With that said, what do you think of Claressa Shields’ impressive transformation? What are your views about combat sports athletes opening up about mental health issues in public?


All one can speak about right now is the Super Bowl. The tremors of this gigantic event have reached the boxing realm.

The sport’s GWOAT, Claressa Shields, reached the coveted Allegiant Stadium to be a testament to this iconic night of football. As she did that, she showed off the expensive fashion in which she spent the weekend in Las Vegas.

Last night, the Super Bowl LVIII saw the natives of the game, the Kansas City Chiefs, battle off the San Francisco 49ers, securing their win in a very lethal-leveled game. The iconic sporting event, which is also known for its history-making entertainment programs, especially the halftime show (remember, Rihanna’s performance last year?) raised eyebrows for a rather intimate performance between popstars, Alicia Keys and Usher. While backlash for their performance has begun, the undisputed middleweight champion defended the same.

Claressa Shields

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Michigan-based Shields reached Las Vegas, where for the first time, the coveted Super Bowl took its course. Dressed in her best, with bold eye makeup, and excitement up her sleeve, the undefeated fighter was in attendance at the special half-time show featuring Alicia Keys and Usher, where they performed their hit-duet, “My Boo.”

As Usher took a backseat in the middle of his 13-minute-long performance, he let the Grammy-winning performer do her thing. The pair then joined forces to recreate the magic their 2004, “My Boo” had earlier invoked among fans. However, a sizeable sect of the viewers found the chemistry inappropriate and took to the internet to air their thoughts. Shutting these critics, her husband, Swizz Beatz, shared a rather long post defending his wife and her performance.

Concurring with him, Shields wrote on her X, “I love Swizz Beats response! It was nothing wrong with how Usher & Alicia Keyes performed together! This just shows how insecure this generation of men are!”

Defending his wife and celebrating the performance, Beatz wrote, “Y’all talking about the wrong damn thing !!! y’all don’t see that amazing dress covering the entire stadium…Tonight’s performance was nothing but amazing with 2 amazing Giants ! Congrats @usher and my love @aliciakeys that song is a classic…We don’t do negative vibes on this side we make history.”

While America rejoices in the Chiefs’ victory over the 49ers, they also remain engrossed in the discussion that ensued in the wake of Usher and Keys’ performance.


Are Claressa Shields and Mikaela Mayer looking to fight one another next? Well, on January 20th, Mayer faced Natasha Jonas with the IBF Welterweight title on the line.

Despite throwing more punches than Jonas, Mayer lost the fight since Natasha was more accurate than the 33-year-old. However, as Mayer and the fans believed the former unified Super-Featherweight champion landed the most effective punches, the boxing world expected a rematch.

At this, when Shields posted a photo of ‘T-Rex’ facing off against Mayer, fans were taken by surprise. So, is Mayer climbing up in weight class to face Shields? Or, are the two joking? Well, here is how fans reacted to the post.

Claressa Shields taking no chances when it comes to avenging only loss of  boxing career - mlive.com


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Claressa Shields faces off against Mikaela Mayer at Super Bowl LVIII Radio Row

At the Super Bowl LVIII Radio Row, while Ryan Garcia ran into an altercation with his opponent Devin Haney, Claressa Shields came across Mikaela Mayer. Mayer and Shields are team-mates and friends. Therefore, on several occasions, the duo supported one another. For example, in 2022, ahead of Shields vs. Savannah Marshal, Mayer confidently said that Shields would come out on top. In addition, Mayer was even present at the O2 Arena to root for Shields. Hence, after Shields faced off against Mayer, some fans were certainly surprised.

Taking to Instagram, Shields wrote, “Wassup“. In addition, in the comment section, she added, “@claressashields whoops @_michaela_meyer @mikaelamayer just cause you beat @tashatf12 [Natasha Jonas] don’t mean you can beat me up“.

Mikaela Mayer will join Sky Sports' on-air team for Claressa Shields' fight  on February 5 | Boxing News | Sky Sports

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In a reply to the post, one said, “Wait I thought y’all was cool? Wait, so you’re giving your girl a chance to get paid?

However, one wrote, “Boxing world on fire today“.

Meanwhile, one said, “Stop it, I don’t wanna see y’all fight. My two favorite Ladies.

However, one believes, “Claressa’s levels and leagues are better. Easy win“.

Similarly, one wrote, “NGL this dope asf“.

With that said, since Mikaela Mayer fights in the Welterweight division, the 33-year-old will have to gain 14lbs to face Claressa Shields in Middleweight. Therefore, it seems very unlikely that the two will share the ring.


Not Gonna Happen B**ches”: Claressa Shields Sends Clear Message to Haters Ahead of Her MMA Return

In the world of combat sports, few figures command attention like Claressa Shields. The champion boxer, now an MMA fighter, never shies away from a challenge. Her journey in MMA, though short, has been a spectacle. With a record of 1-1 in the Professional Fighters League (PFL), Shields has faced both victory and defeat.

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Her debut win against Brittney Elkin turned heads. Yet, a split decision loss to Abigail Montes raised eyebrows. Now, she’s back with a message for her critics ahead of a potential feature in the PFL vs. Bellator MMA event in Saudi Arabia on 24 February. But what exactly did she say? And why should it matter?

Some blah blah won’t stop Claressa Shields!

Claressa Shields has taken to Twitter with a powerful declaration. “Blah blah. You haters are the funniest 😂,” she begins, setting a tone of dismissal towards her detractors. Her tweet continues, unapologetically bold, “I got into MMA to prove a point! I proved it.” This statement reflects her initial victory against Brittney Elkin.

Claressa Shields Sets Aside Friendship in Goal of Dominating Her Sport -  The New York Times

Shields doesn’t stop there; she addresses her setback, “I lost a split decision my 2nd fight y’all trolled! ‘Yeah go back to boxing, you’re scared of MMA girls.’” This refers to her closely contested match against Abigail Montes, which ended in a split decision in favor of Montes.

However, Shields turns this narrative on its head, demonstrating her resilience. “Now I’m back after handling BIG BUSINESS in boxing and y’all mad again,” she states, underlining her triumphant return to MMA after reinforcing her boxing legacy.

NEWS;Claressa Shields signs multi-year deal with Professional Fighters League for MMA bouts

Her tweet culminates in a defiant crescendo, “Y’all want me to be a loser and sad so bad! Not gonna happen b**ches.” This line serves as a clear rebuke to her critics and a reaffirmation of her unbreakable spirit. But who is she facing in her third MMA fight?

As Claressa Shields gears up for her return to the PFL lightweight division, she faces an intriguing opponent in Kelsey DeSantis. DeSantis, holding a record of 1-2-0, presents a unique challenge. Her journey began with a debut loss to Al-Lanna Jones in 2013, followed by a lengthy hiatus from the sport.

Claressa Shields stops Brittney Elkin to win MMA debut by TKO

Making a comeback in 2023, DeSantis faced two more fights, experiencing a loss to Amanda Bell and a first-round knockout victory against debutant Kathleen Nelson. In contrast, Shields, with a 1-1 MMA record, showcases a brief but impactful cage career. This matchup sets the stage for a compelling clash of comeback and resilience.

Will Shields’ boxing finesse and MMA adaptability prevail, or will DeSantis’ return to the cage mark the beginning of a new chapter in her fighting career?

The pound-for-pound clash between reigning IBF welterweight champ Natasha Jonas and American star Mikaela Mayer certainly lived up to the hype.

After 10 rounds of high-contact action, it was Jonas who retained her title via split decision in her home city of Liverpool. However, many fans feel that the bout’s location contributed to this result and that Mayer should have left the ring with a victory.

It was Jonas’ accuracy versus Mayer’s work rate in a bout that will be in the running for Fight of the Year. And even though Mayer didn’t have a rematch clause in her contract, there have been calls for an immediate sequel.

In the pound-for-pound ratings, Jonas retains her spot at No. 6. Mayer, who entered at No. 11, moves up to the No. 9 spot following a terrific performance in defeat.


Through attrition, unified super middleweight champ Savannah Marshall and former super featherweight champ Delfine Persoon move down one place.

The best in the world at light heavyweight: Claressa Shields

Claressa Shields, AKA The GWOAT. still reigns supreme.

The reigning undisputed middleweight champion also fully unified at super welterweight and once held a pair of titles at super middleweight. A native of Flint, Michigan, Shields has terrific technique, blazing hand speed and she’s bursting with energy and fighting heart.

Signature wins have come against Savannah Marshall, Marie-Eve Dicaire and Christina Hammer.

The two-time Olympic gold medal winner calls herself the ‘GWOAT’ – Greatest Woman of All Time; she made her MMA debut back in 2021 against Brittney Elkin and is aiming to be on top in both boxing and MMA

Two-time Olympic gold medallist and three-division boxing world champion  Claressa Shields is returning for another round of MMA fights.

Shields and the Professional Fighters League announced a multi-year agreement on Wednesday and she expects to enter the cage again in 2024 at 158 pounds.

The undisputed middleweight boxing champion went 1-1 in the PFL in 2021 , but is widely regarded as the world’s top pound-for-pound female boxer.


“All my fans, y’all have been asking me, when are you getting back to MMA, when are you getting back in the cage,” Shields said in a video posted on social media. “Well, here you go. Me and the PFL have signed a great seven-figure deal.”

Shields is 14-0 with two knockouts as a pro boxer, including a unanimous decision over Maricela Cornejo in June.

“It is a privilege to announce the PFL has re-signed the most dominant women’s boxer in the world, Claressa Shields, to a new multi-year agreement,” said Peter Murray, CEO of the Professional Fighters League.

The PFL announced a week earlier the signing of Amanda Serrano, the undisputed featherweight boxing champion. Serrano has a 2-0-1 MMA record, with both wins by submission.

Claressa Shields’ original opponent Hannah Gabriels was removed from the fight following results from a Voluntary Anti-Doping Association test, with the pair having previously met in 2018.

Claressa Shields will now face Maricela Cornejo for her marquee homecoming fight in Detroit, Michigan next month.

The two-time Olympic gold medallist and women’s middleweight champion is now scheduled to face the top-ranked contender on June 3 at Little Caesars Arena.

Shields was originally scheduled to take on Hanna Gabriels, before the Costa Rican was removed from the card on Thursday due to results from a Voluntary Anti-Doping Association test earlier this month.


Gabriels (21-2-1, 12 KOs) floored Shields (13-0, 2 KOs) for the first time in her career when the pair met back in 2018, the latter eventually emerging victorious by unanimous decision at the Masonic Temple in Detroit.

The 36-year-old Cornejo, who is from Prosser, Washington, is ranked No 1 among contenders in the 160-pound division after winning three straight fights that improved her record to 16-5 with six knockouts.

“I told my team to get me the best,” the 28-year-old Shields said.

Shields will fight for the first time since settling her long-term rivalry with Savannah Marshall in a unanimous decision victory as the main event of the first televised all-female card in UK history in October.