Claressa Sheild And Alycia Baumgardner


After more than three months of inaction from the Michigan Unarmed Combat Commission (MUCC), the WBO has taken the lead. They’ve addressed the concerns surrounding Alycia Baumgardner‘s victory over Christina Linardatou. Not only this, the WBO issued a ‘Show Cause’ letter, initiating an inquiry into the events of the July 15 bout in Detroit. Despite Baumgardner’s victory over Linardatou, a positive drug test from a sample was collected on July 12.

This was administered through Drug-Free Sport, and the entire incident prompted the WBO to take a proactive stance. Now within a month, Baumgardner needs to advocate for her belts otherwise she will have to vacate them. This provoked her rival Claressa Shields and she had some harsh remarks in the response.
Since the time Baumgardner has talked about fighting Shields, the 2x undisputed champion isn’t missing her chance to poke her potential opponent. The moment Baumgardner got issued with a ‘Show Cause’ and the news got out, Shields picked up her phone and made a post on the internet. Shields is known for her deadly skills inside the ring and entertaining trash-talking outside the ring.
In response to the post made by Victor Onte about the current situation of Alycia Baumgardner, Claressa Shields wants her opponent to deal with her problems first. She wrote, “Yeah handle that. It’s getting serious out here.” Well, it is indeed serious, as Baumgardner could lose her hard-earned belt if she’s unable to present a ‘Show Cause’ to the sanctioning body.

Shields didn’t even want to lace up against Baumgardner, but it seemed the latter was hellbent on locking up a fight with ‘GWOAT’. So, how did Shields agree to it?

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Shields on fighting against Baumgardner

Claressa Shields initiated a conversation on the concept of a true pound-for-pound fighter. She stated that a true P4P boxer is the one who attains the ability to win across different weight classes. In a series of posts, Shields expressed her readiness to face Baumgardner at any of her preferred weight classes, ranging from 147 to 168. Moreover, a subsequent post revealed Shields’ surprise at Baumgardner calling her out.

Shields clarified that she had consistently stated her reluctance to fight Baumgardner as well as Mikaela Mayer. Then, in response, Baumgardner reminded Shields about the time when they were practicing together in the gym. At that time, Baumgardner stated that she wanted to fight Shields at 140, and ‘T-Rex’ laughed at her. But she was serious.

It’s safe to say that Shields had respect for her conviction. For that reason, she agreed to their bout and asked Baumgardner to get back in the training camp. But, the recent development regarding the WBO action might delay their fight a bit. What are your thoughts about this? Let us know in the comments section.