Canelo Alvarez


Canelo Alvarez has ruled out a fight with Terence Crawford.

‘Bud’ has been loudly calling for an eagerly anticipated clash with Canelo since knocking out Errol Spence to become the undisputed welterweight champion in July 2023.

Fans have been talking up the potential meeting between two of boxing’s pound-for-pound best, despite the fact the super middleweight king is almost 20lbs heavier than Crawford.

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Canelo Alvarez

Canelo recently revealed his next fight will take place on May 4 in Las Vegas.

The 33-year-old didn’t say who his opponent was but did claim it would be an American, leaving the door open for a potential scrap with Crawford.

However, he has now distanced himself from the fight entirely.

“No,” Canelo said when Box Azteca asked if he would fight Crawford.

Canelo’s interviewer pointed out that the Mexican superstar could make a lot of money by taking the fight, but he doesn’t think Crawford is worth the hassle.

He said: “Yes, but they’re going to criticise me… and that’s it, they love it.

“They criticised me because I fought [Jermell] Charlo who gained weight, who is bigger than me, because I’m a small fighter for these weights, and because he gained weight, but they didn’t criticise him when I went up in weight.

“So now if you imagine Crawford as a welterweight. 168lbs, I have everything to lose and nothing to gain because if I win, they’ll say, ‘Oh, he was too small, and everything!”

Jermall Charlo, the twin brother of Canelo’s most recent opponent, appears to be the frontrunner to face him next, but he has given mixed messages about the bout so far.

He recently took to his Instagram story where he shared a picture of the four-weight champion, with the caption reading: “Canelo fighting Jermall Charlo May 4.”

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Terence Crawford and Canelo Alvarez

After that, Charlo almost immediately poured cold water on the bout happening, as he took to social media again while on holiday in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Speaking to the camera while out on the sea, unbeaten Charlo, who outpointed Jose Benavidez Jr in November, told his fans: “I haven’t even talked to [manager] Al Haymon since I last fought.

“So everybody that keeps talking about, ‘Oh you’re about to fight Canelo,’ – ain’t no confirmation. I’m in the islands somewhere! You’ve got to chill out.”

He then insisted: “Until it’s official, it’s official. I offered. I said I would do whatever I gotta do. We was on the jet skis, I stopped for this.”

Despite the fact Charlo has tried to distance himself from a fight with Canelo, it seems to be just a matter of time before their clash is confirmed.

Especially after Alvarez ruled out Crawford as a potential opponent.


Canelo Alvarez is set to make his return to the ring after his last fight against Jermell Charlo in September last year.

While several well-known boxers showed interest in Alvarez, Canelo will face an American fighter on the Cinco de Mayo weekend this year. Besides Terence Crawford, Jermall Charlo publicly expressed his desire to fight the Mexican boxer.

While Crawford was motivated by his dream to become undisputed in three divisions, Jermall wanted to avenge his brother’s loss against Alvarez. Well, after months, it looks like Alvarez has made up his mind on the American he would face next.

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Canelo Alvarez


After Canelo Alvarez beat Jermell Charlo on September 30th, Jermall Charlo, via Instagram Live, declared he would avenge his brother’s loss against the Mexican boxer. Ahead of his November fight against Jose Benavidez Jr., ‘Hit Man’ reiterated his wish, saying he was open to fighting both Canelo Alvarez and Caleb Plant in 2024. In addition, he mentioned that he would try to sign a deal with Canelo for Cinco de Mayo. On the other hand, Terence Crawford hoped he would face Alvarez at a catchweight – “158lbs or 160lbs“. But, Alvarez clearly stated he could not “go down anymore“.

However, after the IBF stripped ‘Bud’, Crawford continued claiming he could handle Alvarez’s boxing prowess. For Crawford, who believed in his skills, Canelo was not “Deontay Wilder or anything like that“. But, currently, it is very unlikely that Crawford would lay his hands on Alvarez. As per The Ring, Jermall Charlo and Canelo Alvarez are close to sharing the ring on the 4th of May in Las Vegas. In that case, it seems Jermall Charlo will have the opportunity to  cause a major upset in the boxing world.

In his latest performance against Jose Benavidez Jr., Charlo displayed he was still a force to reckon with. Therefore, should the fight with Canelo come to fruition, it would be a treat for boxing fans.


Leonard Ellerbe directs a great path for  Canelo Alvarez.

The CEO of Mayweather Promotions asserts that a potential showdown between Canelo Alvarez and David Benavidez has more allure than a clash with Terence Crawford. Even though Crawford has expressed his ambition to face Canelo Alvarez, Ellerbe believes Benavidez is a much better option.

According to Ellerbe, the prospect of Canelo stepping into the ring with Benavidez is deemed a “much bigger” matchup. Well, this comes after Alvarez teased a “major” announcement regarding his fight recently. Ellerbe had his reasons for making such a claim.

10 Fascinating Facts About Leonard Ellerbe - Facts.net

According to Leonard Ellerbe, the anticipated clash between Canelo Alvarez and David Benavidez will generate more excitement and interest within the boxing community. Many fans believe Benavidez could be the one to challenge and potentially dethrone Canelo from his super middleweight throne. And their story has been relevant for quite some time now, because Benavidez has been calling out Alvarez, even before his fight against Caleb Plant.

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Not only that, Crawford has recently gained limelight after his remarkable victory against Errol Spence Jr. Before that, not a lot of people talked about the prospect of him going against Alvarez. For that reason, speaking to FightHype, Leonard Ellerbe said, “If you ask me which fight is bigger. The Benavidez [vs. Canelo] fight is bigger [than the Canelo vs. Terence Crawford match]. It’s a much bigger fight.

Well, the mystery will be solved after Alvarez announces the Mexican TV, Box Azteca, on February 15 at noon. He’ll be addressing the future course of his career, and fans hope it’s the fight against David Benavidez. However, the reports suggest something entirely different.

Canelo Alvarez might go for a third option

Reports indicate that Canelo Alvarez is set to face Jermall Charlo next. It will be held on a grand stage, and a highly anticipated undisputed super-middleweight title fight will be scheduled for May 4 in Las Vegas. The announcement adds to the intrigue surrounding the Cinco de Mayo weekend fight tradition associated with Canelo.

Fans have eagerly speculated about the opponent Canelo would choose for this significant matchup. Various names, including Terence Crawford, David Benavidez, and Jaime Munguia, were linked to the potential showdown. However, recent reports from The Ring suggest that Jermall Charlo is slated to be Canelo’s opponent in the highly anticipated bout scheduled for May. Jermall will be seeking redemption for his twin brother Jermell Charlo‘s prior defeat to Canelo.


Heavyweight boxing legend Mike Tyson has heaped praise on pound-for-pound superstar and current unified welterweight champion Terence Crawford, but the now 57-year-old has highlighted the one stumbling block in the way of ‘Bud’ becoming an all-time-great.

Crawford extended his record to 40-0 when he dominated and stopped long-term rival and fellow 147lb champion Errol Spence Jr to become undisputed welterweight champion and the first multi-divisional undisputed champion since the dawn of the four-belt era.

Unfortunately for the American, he has yet to step through the ropes since and as a result some fans felt he was pipped to the Fighter of the Year accolade by Naoya Inoue, despite the generational performance of Crawford.

Mike Tyson won't pay $450,000 demand after punching plane passenger - Los  Angeles Times

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The undefeated southpaw has now also been stripped of his IBF world title, with Jaron Ennis assuming the title, a decision which could prompt a move to super-welterweight or even super-middleweight after astonishing whispers of a clash with Canelo Alvarez.

In an interview with DAZN, Mike Tyson explained that despite Crawford’s success inside the ropes, to be a true all-time-great you need to become a superstar that can fill up arenas.

“Listen, this is the situation, this is the only argument against that [Crawford being an all-time-great], you know what makes people great fighters? Filling the arenas.

“Spence brought the people there. He [Crawford] is a master fighter but he has to get to the essence of fighting and that is excitement, bringing the people.

“He has got to keep beating people but he beats people too easily too. That could hurt him financially. I started making more money after Buster [Douglas] beat me, because people started saying ‘there is a possibility that he can get beat now’.”

Crawford has also been linked to a showdown with Teofimo Lopez, but the WBO super-lightweight champion’s below-par display last week could’ve put an end to those talks.



Canelo Alvarez vs. Terence Crawford – Oscar De La Hoya offers his verdict on potential clash

A big fight could take place this year.

Terence Crawford registered the biggest win of his career last year when he stopped Errol Spence, and he’s aiming even higher after being linked to a fight with Canelo Alvarez.  

Crawford and Spence were on a collision course for a number of years, but the fight was one-sided with Crawford coming out on top.

Since that fight, Crawford has not been in action, but his name is thrown out when discussing some of the biggest fights in the sport.

Canelo Alvarez: Has Terence Crawford changed his views on fighting Canelo  Alvarez after Errol Spence Jr. fight?


A move to 168lbs to take on Canelo would be a giant leap for Crawford, and Oscar De La Hoya, Canelo’s former promoter, has spoken about that potential contest.

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“Crawford is a special fighter, but I just don’t know if he has the power to keep Canelo off,” said De La Hoya when speaking to K.O. Artist Sports

“And that pressure Canelo keeps putting on you, after the sixth or seventh round, let me tell you, your legs will start going. Your head will start spinning. ‘What the hell am I doing here?’”.



Teofimo Lopez Takes Shot at Terence Crawford, Claims Even Declining Canelo Alvarez Would Beat Him

Teofimo Lopez is about to enter the ring against Jamaine Ortiz on February 8! However, he also wants all the beef with Terence Crawford. Today, ‘Take Over’ Lopez appeared in an interview with Ariel Helwani, claiming, “Terence ‘Bud’ Crawford likes to go after guys that are not the same, or they’re injured.”

He even suggested that Crawford wants to fight Canelo Alvarez because he is on the way out of the sport. “Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez is on the decline. Saul – whether he likes it or not – it is the truth,” said Lopez. However, following the interview being shared on YouTube today, he turned to X, doubling down on his statement in the interview.

Terence Crawford savors pummeling Errol Spence Jr. and critics - Los  Angeles Times


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Teofimo Lopez claims Canelo Álvarez is flat-footed

Speaking to Hewani in his interview, Lopez didn’t hold back! He said, “We can see it! [Canelo is] getting heavier, getting hefty, real flat-footed. He’s not as light as before.” Turning to Crawford, Lopez suggested ‘Bud’ wants to beat the now declining face of boxing because it would be easy for him. Lopez went as far as to call out Crawford for a fight!

“You just fight soft guys that make it seem like they’re tough guys just so that you can be the guy, but he’s no guy. Why can’t you fight me? I’m fresh, and I’m new, and I’m clean,” said Lopez. Later, he turned to X, claiming, “& even with the decline, he still won’t beat [Canelo Alvarez]. Too strong & too big!” As expected, these comments from Lopez managed to get a rise out of ‘Bud’ Crawford.

Canelo Alvarez shows off sublime head movement back in gym with Terrence  Crawford continued to be linked to

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Terence Crawford claims “b**ch a**” Lopez just speaks about him in front of the cameras

Not long after Lopez tweeted, Crawford hopped on X to respond to Lopez’s statements in the interview and the tweet. The former undisputed champion claimed he has never turned down a fight in his career. Regardless of whether it was a last-minute fight or he had to move up a weight division, Crawford claimed, “I fought them all.”

However, ‘Bud’ wasn’t done! In a later tweet, he stated, “And @TeofimoLopez [you] little b**ch a** better worry about them little guys that’s on yo a** down there in yo weight class. [It’s] crazy every time I see [you] h*e a** you don’t even look my way, but when you in front of a camera, you got so much to say. You a p*ssy.”

While Teofimo Lopez is gearing up to fight on February 8, his comments on Crawford have started a feud with Crawford that has the potential to boil up into a fight. However, only time can tell if that ever happens. Do you agree with Lopez’s remarks on Terence Crawford and Canelo Alvarez?


Super Middleweight champion, Saul ‘Canelo’ Álvarez has bid an emotional farewell to his friend and popular Mexican businessman, Carlos Bremer. Carlos Bremer Gutiérrez passed away on January 5th. Confirmed by his organization Value Grupo Financiero, the 63-year-old died in a Monterrey hospital owing to complications stemming from a faint he suffered on January 2.

Since his hospitalization, multiple personalities have come out wishing a speedy recovery to one of the sharks of the popular entrepreneurial show, Shark Tank, Mexico. Now, after his passing, Canelo, who has long been associated with Bremer, has poured in with his homage.

Canelo Álvarez Remembers his Dear Friend, Carlos Bremer

Taking to his Instagram, the 33-year-old Mexican champion wrote a somber message in remembrance of his “dear friend”, Bremer. Posting an image of him with Bremer on the golf course, he wrote in Spanish. Translated by Instagram, it read, “Thank you for your support and your teachings, I will remember you with fondness and admiration. Safe journey my dear friend.” The President of Value was an instrumental part of Canelo’s boxing career from its formative days.

The company founded by Bremer himself was a key sponsor in many of Canelo’s fights, standing strong by the Jalisco fighter when he started headlining the sport. The late businessman was also in attendance at Canelo’s wedding to Fernanda Gomez in May 2021. Not so long ago, the two of them came together for charity purposes as well. One major initiative that stands out is the 2021, Christmas Eve demarche, when both of them took a trailer full of toys to the kids of Nuevo Leon, a city in Mexico. Images of the fighter with Bremer driving an HGV through the streets of the city went viral instantly.

Estas fueron las palabras de Carlos Bremer tras la pelea de Canelo Álvarez  en el estadio Akron | VIDEO - Infobae

While Canelo’s heartwarming tribute to the late businessman shines a light on their tight relationship, other personalities of the boxing world joined the fighter in paying their homages as well. One of them remains the WBC president, Mauricio Sulaiman. 

WBC Prez remembers Bremer

In a heartening post on X, formerly Twitter, Sulaiman remembered Bremer, who was an avid believer and promoter of the sport. In Spanish, the 54-year-old Mexican posted, “A sad loss for the Mexican sports community. A great enthusiast of baseball, boxing and many more and National Sports Award. May Carlos Bremer rest in peace and may his family achieve quick resignation with the company of God in these difficult times.”

For his contributions to the sporting landscape in Mexico, Bremer was awarded the National Sports Award in 2017. Besides Canelo, he’s known to have promoted the careers of racquetball player Paola Longoria and boxer, Juan Manuel Márquez. He was also a significant voice in the reconstruction of the LMB (Mexican League of Baseball) team, Sultanes de Monterrey.

Bremer’s contributions to the land of Mexico stand strong in the wake of his death. The sporting world comes together mourning the loss of such a strong personality. In the coming days, it is expected that more such outpouring of emotions will mark his unexpected passing away.

What do you think of Carlos Bremer’s role in the Mexican sporting landscape? Let us know in the comments section below.

Saul Canelo Alvarehas a list of suitors for his next fight, which he plans for May next year.The strongest is David Benavidez and what looks like the most anticipated fight for the absolute Super Middleweight champion in the boxing world.

But also Jermall CharloJermell‘s brother who he beat in September, has already raised his hand and rumours have also mentioned Jaime Munguia.

But Canelo sends a clear message to all challengers in the face of rumours and statements against the Jalisco native.

“A lot of things can be said, but in the end, at this moment I am the king and I can do whatever I want,” he said at an event in Guadalajara.

Alvarez said he wants to fight a couple of times in 2024, as he has done in recent years, and will only sit down to talk about negotiations.

Canelo vs Plant fight: Mexican to face American for undisputed super  middleweight title | The Independent

“My dates are May and September, I hope to fight in May and September. On Monday I’m going to have a meeting to see what’s next,” said the boxer from Guadalajara.

As the year comes to a close, it is time for new ranking lists for all divisions. Out of these, the most exciting list stays to be that of the pound-for-pound rankings. The Ring remains to be the most popular boxing magazine of all time. This year as they release the P4P rankings, fans are left dismayed.

The pound-for-pound is a ranking that places fighters according to their skills despite their weight. It is by far the most competitive list to the top. But some fighters have managed to remain there consistently for the last few years. While some have lost a few places, many new names have come up on the list over time.

The top of the list does not change a lot whatsoever. Despite Naoya Inoue, The P4P king stays unchanged. Terence Crawford is still ranked as the best fighter. His position is questioned by many fans in the comment section. More or less, the fighters on the list have stayed consistent.

Usyk retains his podium, ranking 3rd on the list. The latter half of the list is dominated by American fighters who have all shown remarkable performance in the ring. Many fans seemed to disagree, while a few seemed to agree with the rankings. Let us dive deeper into the post made on X to know what the people think.

Saul 'Canelo' Alvarez eager for Dmitry Bivol rematch after shock defeat in  WBA light heavyweight title clash | Boxing News | Sky Sports


Most fans want a change in the list

As the list garners more and more attention on X, fans flock in to have their say regarding it.

One fan agreed with the list saying, “I agree with this list.”

“Crawford is obviously #1, Usyk should be #2.” said another, disagreeing with Inoue’s placing on the list.

One more showed his affirmation with the list and Crawford’s placing saying, “Crawford is p4p king. Inoue is fighter of the year.”

Another user gave their opinion, “Swap Errol to be Beterbiev” asking for a switch between places.

Someone disagreed with the rankings saying, “Crazy that Canelo is still above Bivol, yet Bivol sauced Canelo.” talking of Bivol overpowering Alvarez during their fight that took place last year.

Overall, most fans wanted to see some or the other change in the list. Some seemed to disagree with the top ranker, while others wanted to see a couple of fighters switch places.

Opinions are opinions at the end of the day. Everyone has their own analysis and a reason behind their beliefs regardless of what the list says. We would love to have you add your part of the argument to the debate.

In what was dubbed the first Undisputed versus Undisputed world championship fight in the modern four-belt era, Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez beat Jermel Charlo on points to defend his undisputed super-middleweight title Saturday night.

Alvarez used constant pressure to cut off the ring toward a seventh-round knockdown and dominant unanimous decision over Jermell Charlo to successfully retain his undisputed super middleweight crown.

Canelo, 33, secured a unanimous 119-108, 118-109 and 118-109 win over the American to defend his WBO, WBC, WBA and IBF belts at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

“I’m the best. Who’s better? Nobody can beat this Canelo,” he said.

Charlo was undisputed light-middleweight champion until he was stripped of his WBO belt when the fight started.

He suffered only the second knockdown and second defeat of his 38-fight career after stepping up in weight.

“I worked all the fight to go in the body,” said Canelo, who dropped Charlo with an overhand right.

“Then I changed the punch and that’s what happened. We worked for that.

“We know he’s a great fighter. He knows how to move in the ring and we worked that in the gym for three months.

Report: Canelo Álvarez vs. Jermell Charlo Fight Did Between 600-700k PPV  Buys | News, Scores, Highlights, Stats, and Rumors | Bleacher Report

“Three months in the mountains without my family, without everything.

“But I still love boxing. Boxing made me the person I am today. Boxing is my life,” Charlo stated.