Ben Whittaker, boxing’s rising star, is gearing up for another electrifying bout. Recently, whispers of his next fight emerged.

Last seen dazzling against Khalid Graidia, Whittaker’s style stole the show. Known for blending showmanship with skill, he’s not your typical fighter. Picture a professional boxer dancing, almost mocking his opponent.

In his last clash, taunts and jabs flew, mesmerizing fans and frustrating foes. Professional boxers like Shakur Stevenson and Claressa Shields were in admiration of his style, and now that he is gearing up for another fight, they for sure will be watching. But who is he fighting next?

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Michael Benson recently set the boxing community abuzz with a tweet: “🥊 Announced: Ben Whittaker’s next fight will take place on the Fabio Wardley vs Frazer Clarke undercard, March 31st at the O2 Arena. Opponent TBC.” This pivotal update confirms Whittaker’s return to the ring, promising another showcase of his unique talents. Accordingly, on March 31st, the O2 Arena will host this highly anticipated event, featuring Whittaker in a supporting role to the headline bout between Fabio Wardley and Frazer Clarke.

Whittaker’s opponent remains to be confirmed, adding an element of suspense. Nevertheless, his flawless record of 6-0, with five knockouts, speaks volumes. Furthermore, this fight marks a significant step in Whittaker’s 2024 campaign to elevate his profile and demonstrate his prowess. Transitioning seamlessly from his last victory, the Olympic silver medalist aims to captivate the audience once more, blending his signature showboating with formidable boxing skills.

As his 360-degree spin went viral, he came on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani and talked about becoming an overnight sensation.

Whittaker’s unexpected fame

The aftermath of Ben Whittaker’s recent victory has catapulted him into an unexpected whirlwind of fame. Whittaker shared his astonishment at the sudden surge in attention. “It’s been crazy, if I’m honest,” he confessed. Icons like Shaquille O’Neal and Odell Beckham Jr. have not only messaged him but also followed and extended personal contacts.

Despite the star-studded recognition, Whittaker remains grounded, emphasizing, “I don’t do it for the views, I don’t do it for the likes. It’s my style.” This newfound popularity, marked by a significant increase in social media followers, underscores a pivotal moment in Whittaker’s career, although he humorously notes, “all publicity is good publicity, I suppose,” maintaining his focus on the sport rather than the spotlight.

As Whittaker prepares for his next bout on March 31st at the O2 Arena, the anticipation and expectations are higher than ever. How will Whittaker’s growing fame impact his future performances and persona in the boxing world?


As Claressa Shields gears up for her upcoming MMA match againstKelsey DeSantis on February 24th, the 28-year-old athlete bares the challenges she faced in the past year, including a battle with depression.

The two-time undisputed boxer, who signed with the PFL in August, candidly shared a revealing photo from December 2023, showcasing the toll her mental health took on her physique.

In her own words, Shields admitted, “Y’all I had let myself go for months. Not eating healthy, fighting depression, hormonal issues, not drinking my water & not working out.” Despite this tough period, she emphasized her resilience and the transformation she underwent. Shields attributed her drastic change to faith, expressing gratitude, and trying to inspire her fans by overcoming adversity. However, when one fan questioned God’s hand in her transformation. Shields made sure to let them know.

Claressa Sheilds


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In reaction to Claressa Shields’s gratitude-filled message, one fan remarked, “But with god…and a load of money and time, nutritionists, meal plans, and a huge team behind you! No?” The fan claimed that it was only because of the financial support she had that she could afford the other things and not God.

She candidly shared her own struggles, recounting moments when she couldn’t muster the strength to get out of bed or perform basic tasks like answering phone calls or taking a shower. Claressa Shields responded to the fan with empathy, emphasizing, “Depression does not care about the amount of money, success, meal plans, or a team.” Her openness shed light on the universal nature of mental health challenges, transcending external circumstances.

Moreover, she pointed out how she took the steps to improve herself. She stated, “I’d drag myself to church & just sit there and cry! No shame! But in my darkness, I got closer to God! He pulled me out!”

She credited God for helping her get back on her feet, acknowledging the role of faith in restoring her strength. Bolstered by this unwavering belief, she stands poised to secure yet another MMA victory.

In her return to the MMA scene, Claressa Shields faces off against Kelsey DeSantis, aiming to showcase her fighting prowess and add another victory to her 1-1 record. Transitioning from boxing to mixed martial arts, Shields harbors dreams of contending for an MMA world title.

Expressing her confidence, Shields stated, “I believe in a year or two I will be fighting for a world title.” Her primary goal is to demonstrate that boxers can excel in MMA and she is aspiring to become a PFL world champion. As we witness Shields’ remarkable evolution, it raises questions about the broader topic of combat sports athletes addressing mental health issues publicly.

What are your thoughts on Claressa Shields’ transformation and the openness of athletes talking about mental health? Share your perspective in the comments section below.


Forget the suit and tie, Keyshawn ‘The Businessman’ Davis brought the hammer to Vegas. He dominated the former champ Jose Pedraza in a 6th-round TKO masterclass. Footwork sharper than a tailor’s blade, jabs quicker than a stock market tick, and punches heavier than a CEO’s bonus – Davis ran the show.

He’s now left Pedraza looking like yesterday’s news. Now Davis is ready to move on to the bigger things because right after the fight, he decided to call out Teofimo Lopez. This could turn out to be a big leap for Davis, and he stated that Lopez just needs to send him a contract and the rest will be done by his team.

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Keyshawn Davis Teofimo Lopez

Rising star Keyshawn Davis isn’t waiting for his turn. The Olympic silver medalist threw a wrench in the lightweight division by calling out unified champion Teofimo Lopez. Davis believes he can not only match the reigning king but outright dethrone him. This bold claim has sent shockwaves through the boxing world. Furthermore, he’s even addressed this fight in an interview with Fight Hub TV.

Davis stated, “All Teofimo got to do is send a contract, that’s all he got to do. We got the same promoter, we seen each other in the Top Rank office, we can go back to the office, sit down as men and we can make the fight happen. All he got to do is send me the contract and the fight will be happening.” So, he can see himself triumphing against Lopez, and it’s about time that Keyshawn Davis tries out for a title shot.

Well, his callout has reached the doorstep of his rival, and Teofimo Lopez has reacted to Davis’s challenge. He called it a technique to gain attention and nothing else.

After Davis’s post-fight demand for a title shot ignited tension, Lopez dismissed Davis as unworthy. Will Lopez underestimate the young gun? Well, as of now, that’s what it seems since Lopez doesn’t think Keyshawn Davis would be a great fit to be his next opponent. Furthermore, he believes that it’s still too early for Davis to receive a grand stage, and he doesn’t think Davis is at that level yet.

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Speaking with Punch Drunk Boxing Podcast, Lopez stated, “This kid Keyshawn Davis they talkin’ about, he just wants an easy route to be famous. So big-headed. Completely big-headed. Hasn’t done anything in the sport of boxing. Doesn’t even have a world title. Those little belts that he has. I got that the first year I turned pro.” Furthermore, he continued, “S**t that was in three years, three years and some change, I became a world champion at 22 years young.”

So, it turns out Lopez and Davis wouldn’t be getting inside the ring anytime soon, however, the Businessman still hasn’t lost hope regarding the prospect of this bout.


Gervonta Davis is finally free of the constant surveillance by the state.

Following his victory over Leo Santa Cruz on October 31, 2020, the boxer was involved in an incident on Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard in the early morning hours.

Davis, who was driving, was involved in a crash and subsequently charged with 14 counts, including leaving the scene of an accident and bodily injury. He left the scene with the assistance of a friend. Despite the incident, Davis was cleared to fight Garcia, avoiding jail time but facing a 90-day home confinement. In an Instagram story, Davis has shared an update on it.

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gervonta davis


The story that Michael Benson shared on X had a picture of Davis’s feet. He wore white socks paired with black shoes. But this is not what he wanted to show his fans. What he was flaunting was actually the absence of the ankle monitor. Last year, in July, the boxer had to keep appearing in courtrooms to address his alleged role in the hit-and-run incident from November 2020.

In March 2021, he faced charges for 14 traffic violations and pleaded guilty to four counts in February of the following year. As a result, he was sentenced to 90 days of home detention, three years of probation, and 200 hours of community service. Now, with his legal troubles becoming a thing of the past, Davis can now fully concentrate on boxing.

News regarding Gervonta Davis’s upcoming fight is expected to surface in the coming months. Davis solidified his status as one of boxing’s prominent figures by defeating previously unbeaten Ryan Garcia in April last year. With his rivalry with Garcia now in the past, the Baltimore native is poised for another significant bout this year. Potential opponents such as Vasiliy Lomachenko, George Kambosos Jr., and William Zepeda are being considered.

Lomachenko, an Olympic gold medalist, recently had a close fight with Devin Haney, making him an enticing opponent despite his prior commitment. Kambosos, although perceived as a step-down, remains a formidable figure in the division. Meanwhile, Zepeda, an undefeated rising star, presents an intriguing challenge for Davis if he’s willing to embrace the risk involved.


The retired heavyweight gave his verdict on the fight.

The upcoming fight between Anthony Joshua and Francis Ngannou on March 8 is one which presents plenty of intrigue.

After a dominant stoppage win over Otto Wallin in December, Joshua looks back to his best and now he faces an opponent which has plenty of mystery surrounding his boxing ability.

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Francis Ngannou AND Anthony Joshua

This meeting with Joshua will be Ngannou’s second outing as a professional boxer and the former UFC heavyweight champion is already being considered as a legitimate contender in the heavyweight division.

The Cameroonian made his boxing debut in October against WBC world heavyweight champion Tyson Fury and emerged from the contest with plenty of plaudits despite losing by a split decision.

But while Ngannou will give his all when he faces Joshua in Saudi Arabia, retired British heavyweight David Price expects the two-time world champion to make easy work of his opponent in a performance which could look bad for Fury.

“I think Joshua will walk through him really in a boxing match,” Price told iFL TV.

“I think it will magnify what happened with Fury and get people talking more again.”


Joseph Parker has mocked Deontay Wilder’s excuse after he blamed jet lag for his defeat against the former WBO Heavyweight Champion. 

Parker dominated their bout, beating the Bronze Bomber in a wide unanimous decision. Wilder only won one round on all three cards. He only boxed one round in over a year after stopping Robert Helenius coming into the Parker bout. Tyson Fury also knocked him out in back-to-back fights before facing Helenius. At 38, he did not look the same fighter. But rather than blaming inactivity or crediting Parker, Wilder blamed his travel schedule.

Wilder On Parker

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Joseph Parker shocks Deontay Wilder in heavyweight upset | Boxing News |  Sky Sports


“It was a boring fight, nothing really happened. I went right back to training the next day. He really didn’t do nothing, they just went off the little flurries or whatever. In the training for that I had to travel two times, 20 hours of travelling. And those guys were already in Europe, they were only two or three hours away. I’m not complaining, I’m just saying what I had to go through,” Wilder said

Wilder has now developed a reputation for bringing up excuses after a defeat. The same happened with al three of his fights against Fury. In the first bout, Wilder blamed the referee for giving Fury more than a ten-count after the Gypsy King got off the floor in the 12th round. Wilder claimed his costume had made his legs weak in the next fight. He also blamed his former trainer, Mark Breland, for spiking his water.

To top it all off, Wilder alleged that Fury had tampered with his gloves by putting in egg-shaped objects. Since neither of these things were proved, Wilder was seen as blaming anything but himself for his performances. Now, Parker has reacted to the latest excuse.

Parker On Wilder

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“I was jet-lagged for a week, it’s what a fighter goes through, good or not it is what it is. It’s all part of trying to prepare for a fight. I’m not sure where he’s coming from, he did travel back and forth, we had to do the promotion, there was a lot of time travelling.

“When I travelled to Saudi for the fight, jet lag is a real thing, but as a professional fighter and the team around you – you have to make the right decision about when you have to be there and allow yourself the time to adjust and get used to the time zone and wherever you’re fighting,” Parker stated

Parker is preparing to face Zhilei Zhang on March 8 on the Anthony Joshua vs Francis Ngannou card. Parker knows a win makes him the WBO Interim Heavyweight Champion. That belt makes him mandatory for the winner of Tyson Fury vs Oleksandr Usyk. If that happens, Parker will target a second world title after losing his WBO belt to Anthony Joshua in 2018. Wilder must now regroup just as Parker had done after losing his belt.


On February 16, 1986, Mike Tyson (17-0, 17 KOs) was marauding through the heavyweight division.

He then came up against Jesse Ferguson (14-1, 10 KOs) at the Houston Field House, Troy, New York, in what was the longest time “Iron Mike” had spent in the ring.

Mike Tyson vs. Jesse Ferguson Nostalgia

Mike Tyson Goes Passed Five Rounds


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Tyson started fast, throwing thudding, spiteful hooks and two big uppercuts, which snapped Ferguson’s head back. The underdog fought much of the opening round with his back against the ropes. Round two was again one-sided, with Tyson throwing heavy shots at his opponent. Ferguson had his best moment in round three, landing a nice combination, but “Iron Mike” was still outworking his opponent for the majority.

“Thunder” was warned in round four for excessive holding, which suggested he was struggling with the pressure from Tyson. After the bell sounded for the end of the fourth round, Ferguson threw a couple of late punches, which unsurprisingly prompted “Iron Mike” to retaliate, with both fighters separated.

Round 5 showed how Tyson could adapt when needed, as he stepped back to negate Ferguson closing the distance. “Iron Mike” floored his opponent with an uppercut – right to the body combination, which broke Ferguson’s nose. The Philadelphia fighter beat the count and somehow survived the rest of the round amidst a brutal onslaught from Tyson.

Round Six KO

Round six began with Ferguson trying to control the distance with his jab before Tyson backed him up again before landing a flurry of heavy shots to the head. Ferguson received another warning for holding before immediately holding again, not allowing the referee to break them up. Following this, the referee had seen enough and waved the fight off. The fight was later ruled a TKO win for “Iron Mike.”

In his post-fight interview with the legendary Jim Lampley, “Iron Mike” said: “I never get frustrated, because I know we have a ten-round limit and the crop of heavyweights nowadays have a little difficulty going the full ten rounds. The way they have it planned in their mind to beat me is to jab, potshot, and grab me, but it’s ten rounds, and eventually, I’m going to catch them.”

Tyson went on to have a memorable and more than eventful career, which saw him break many records and perform impressively throughout his career, including his destruction of Michael Spinks.


The promoter is desperate to see a major fight at 140lbs.

Matchroom’s Eddie Hearn has called for WBO super lightweight champion Teofimo Lopez to face one of his new signings, IBF title holder Subriel Matias.

Lopez made a successful first defence of his title last week with a unanimous decision win over Jamaine Ortiz in Las Vegas. However, Lopez’s performance was met with criticism with some doubting whether he could be a force at 140lbs.

Jamaine Ortiz Teofimo Lopez

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Following his win, Lopez continued to call out for a clash with unified welterweight champion Terence Crawford, but the Nebraska fighter has been quick to dismiss any challenges from Lopez.

Now Hearn has called for Lopez to face Matias in what would be a huge unification fight when detailing his plans for the Puerto Rican during an interview with Matchroom Boxing’s YouTube channel.

“I want him [Matias] to fight all the big fights at 140lbs,” Hearn said.

“You’ve got the winner of Haney against Ryan Garcia, just give me Teofimo Lopez for Subriel Matias.

“Please if you’re watching this, Teofimo Lopez please fight Subriel Matias, it will make me smile.”


A weighty topic consuming boxing these days is who should be Gervonta Davis’ next opponent. 

“Tank” currently competes as a lightweight but has previously fought at 140 pounds and it’s been said by his camp that he could even still make 130 pounds.

There is no scarcity for top-shelf opponents Davis could face. Chief among them are lightweights Shakur Stevenson and Vasiliy Lomachenko and super lightweights Devin Haney and Teofimo Lopez Jr.

Gervonta Davis vs. Conor Benn

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In recent weeks, Davis has even been open to fighting Conor Benn, who last fought at 150 pounds and 154 pounds before that.

Hall of Fame fighter and former four-division champion Roy Jones Jr. was the pound-for-pound king during his heyday and knows first hand giving up size advantages. Jones famously stepped up from light heavyweight to heavyweight in 2003, competed at a 33-pound disadvantage as a 193 fighter to score a unanimous decision win against John Ruiz for the title.

“Tank has been doing a great job of what he’s been doing, so he doesn’t have to call anyone’s name. He’s fine because he’s must-see TV by himself. That’s what you want to be able to be,” Jones told BoxingScene.com in an interview. “If you’re must-see TV by yourself, it doesn’t matter who you fight. The rest of those guys need him. He doesn’t need them. So, for him he can fight whoever he wants to fight.

“Yeah, they’re going to demand that he fights some names soon, but in the meanwhile, he fights whoever he wants to fight because why? He’s must-see TV, no matter who he’s in there against.

“You want to see him fight Shakur. Yeah, you want to see him fight Haney. Haney is probably going to outgrow him. Shakur ain’t going to be far behind that because [Davis] is short, and they’re not.

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“So, if he’s going to fight one of them, he better hurry up and do it now because the longer he waits, the more it weighs in their favor. They’re both going to get bigger than him. So, maybe he’ll go and fight Loma. They’re both still at 135. Why not go and fight Loma now? I don’t know. Tank is a very difficult guy to deal with. He’s got a lot of weapons and a lot of tools.”

Davis last fought in April and knocked out Ryan Garcia in a 136-pound catchweight clash.


Ahead of her MMA return against Kelsey DeSantis on February 24th, Claressa Shields publicly revealed that she struggled with depression last year. In this process, the 28-year-old, who signed a multi-year agreement with the PFL in August last year, also shared a photo of herself from December 2023 to exhibit the weight she had gained. Frankly speaking, in the picture, Sheilds barely looked like a professional athlete.

However, Shields boasted of the fact that she finally overcame all the obstacles to prepare for the match against Kelsey for ‘PFL Champions vs. Bellator Champions’. In doing so, the two-time undisputed boxer thanked god and continued inspiring her fans in the sport.

Claressa Shields boasts of jaw-dropping transformation

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Claressa Sheilds

According to the latest post by Claressa Shields, the undisputed Middleweight champion went into depression after her last fight against Maricela Cornejo last year. While the 28-year-old, who recently lauded Keyshawn Davis for openly speaking about his struggle with mental health issues, did not go into the details, she mentioned that ‘T-Rex’ stopped working out and eating healthy food. As a result, Shields gained weight and went out of shape. Taking to X, sharing a photo from December last year, Shields wrote that she was “not ashamed” to admit she had gone through a “rough time“. However, she was proud of herself. “Y’all I had let myself go for months. Not eating healthy, fighting depression, hormonal issues, not drinking my water & not working out,” she wrote.

In October I defeated depression and started taking back over my life! This first pic is Early December, 2nd pic is from TODAY! It was not easy…. But with God!” Shields added. Certainly, the transformation is inspirational. And now that Claressa Shields is back in fighting shape, fans cannot wait to see her return to MMA against Kelsey DeSantis this February.

Shields just wants to prove her potential in MMA

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Returning to MMA against Kelsey DeSantis, Claressa Shields just wants to show that she has an aptitude for fighting. In addition, the boxer-turned-mixed-martial-artist hoped she would eventually compete for a world title in MMA. “I believe in a year or two I will be fighting for a world title,” said Shields. “I just want to come back and show that boxers can do MMA and that I have the potential to be a PFL world champion one day,” Shields emphasized.

With that said, what do you think of Claressa Shields’ impressive transformation? What are your views about combat sports athletes opening up about mental health issues in public?