Jeff Mayweather Explains Why Curmel Moton Reminds Him of Floyd Mayweather: “I Haven’t Seen a Kid Like That in a Very Long Time”

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Most boxers leave behind their legacy through the things they have achieved in the sport. However, Floyd Mayweather has left behind a mini version of himself!

At least, that’s what Floyd’s uncle Jeff Mayweather thinks! Curmel Moton is about to enter the ring for his third professional fight, and Jeff claims Moton reminds him of Floyd Mayweather.

After two sensational first-round victories, Moton will grace the square circle on March 30 in the undercard of Tim Tszyu and Keith Thurman. The fight will unfold at T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas. However, Fight Hype caught up with Jeff Mayweather today before Moton’s upcoming showdown to get his thoughts on the rising boxing star!

On fire Floyd mayweather & 17 year old phenom curmel moton

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Responding to Fight Hype’s query about his young pupil, Jeff suggested Moton deserves all the attention he is getting. He added, “I think that he’s one of the best young fighters on the planet…Curmel is – I haven’t seen a kid like that in a very – very long time. And it seems like he can turn it up whenever he wants to.”

Moreover, the ‘Black Mamba’ seemed extremely confident about what tomorrow holds for Moton. He suggested, “I think that the future is going to be extremely bright for him. And I think that all of the things that people think he’s going to achieve. I think he’s going to achieve them.”

Later in the interview, Jeff recollected an instance where Moton refused to take a break from his training. So, he had to force Moton to go home and take a day off! This instance, per Jeff, reminded him of Floyd Mayweather. “It just kind of reminds me so much of my nephew. Because he’s always been that way, he’s always felt that he has to outdo everyone else,” said Jeff. What’s more, Jeff isn’t alone in praising the young prospect!

Mayweather’s business partner claims Moton will be champion by 2025

According to a recent report from Boxing Scene, Leonard Ellerbe confirmed the fight date for Moton. Meanwhile, the CEO of Mayweather Promotions made some bold claims about Mayweather’s prodigy. “He’s a tremendous young fighter. We’re expecting major, major things of him moving forward…He’ll be a world champion within a year.,” said Ellerbe.

FLOYD MAYWEATHER celebrates backstage with curmel moton after curmels first  round ko in pro debut - YouTube

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Further expressing his confidence in Moton, Ellerbe highlighted that they decided to feature him in a title fight event for his debut. “He’s a top fighter right now. We had enough confidence in him to put him in a title fight for his first fight, if we could have done that. He’s just an exciting young talent who’s getting better and better every fight,” said Ellerbe.

With Floyd Mayweather gone, the boxing public had been searching for a worthy successor to Mayweather’s kingdom. And if the statement from Jeff Mayweather is to be believed, Curmel Moton definitely is him.


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