Not Gonna Happen Bches”: Claressa Shields Sends Clear Message to Haters Ahead of

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Not Gonna Happen B**ches”: Claressa Shields Sends Clear Message to Haters Ahead of Her MMA Return

In the world of combat sports, few figures command attention like Claressa Shields. The champion boxer, now an MMA fighter, never shies away from a challenge. Her journey in MMA, though short, has been a spectacle. With a record of 1-1 in the Professional Fighters League (PFL), Shields has faced both victory and defeat.

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Her debut win against Brittney Elkin turned heads. Yet, a split decision loss to Abigail Montes raised eyebrows. Now, she’s back with a message for her critics ahead of a potential feature in the PFL vs. Bellator MMA event in Saudi Arabia on 24 February. But what exactly did she say? And why should it matter?

Some blah blah won’t stop Claressa Shields!

Claressa Shields has taken to Twitter with a powerful declaration. “Blah blah. You haters are the funniest 😂,” she begins, setting a tone of dismissal towards her detractors. Her tweet continues, unapologetically bold, “I got into MMA to prove a point! I proved it.” This statement reflects her initial victory against Brittney Elkin.

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Shields doesn’t stop there; she addresses her setback, “I lost a split decision my 2nd fight y’all trolled! ‘Yeah go back to boxing, you’re scared of MMA girls.’” This refers to her closely contested match against Abigail Montes, which ended in a split decision in favor of Montes.

However, Shields turns this narrative on its head, demonstrating her resilience. “Now I’m back after handling BIG BUSINESS in boxing and y’all mad again,” she states, underlining her triumphant return to MMA after reinforcing her boxing legacy.

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Her tweet culminates in a defiant crescendo, “Y’all want me to be a loser and sad so bad! Not gonna happen b**ches.” This line serves as a clear rebuke to her critics and a reaffirmation of her unbreakable spirit. But who is she facing in her third MMA fight?

As Claressa Shields gears up for her return to the PFL lightweight division, she faces an intriguing opponent in Kelsey DeSantis. DeSantis, holding a record of 1-2-0, presents a unique challenge. Her journey began with a debut loss to Al-Lanna Jones in 2013, followed by a lengthy hiatus from the sport.

Claressa Shields stops Brittney Elkin to win MMA debut by TKO

Making a comeback in 2023, DeSantis faced two more fights, experiencing a loss to Amanda Bell and a first-round knockout victory against debutant Kathleen Nelson. In contrast, Shields, with a 1-1 MMA record, showcases a brief but impactful cage career. This matchup sets the stage for a compelling clash of comeback and resilience.

Will Shields’ boxing finesse and MMA adaptability prevail, or will DeSantis’ return to the cage mark the beginning of a new chapter in her fighting career?

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