Charlie Woods’ ‘Snoopy’ Reply to Tiger Woods’ Close Friend Justin Thomas Proved that He can Boldly Handle

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Charlie Woods’ ‘Snoopy’ Reply to Tiger Woods’ Close Friend Justin Thomas Proved that He can Boldly Handle Himself even outside the Course

The PNC Championship is a fun event in the golf circle. What happens is, players partner up with one of their family members and compete against other teams. Although it’s a competitive event, the focus is on bonding with family and peers and having fun.

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In 2022, Vijay Singh’s team won the tournament, in which Tiger Woods and Justin Thomas had also taken part. Justin Thomas was with his father Mike, and Woods was with his son Charlie. Justin Thomas, who shares a warm bond with the Woods family, had a fun banter with Charlie and Tiger Woods during the event. Let’s relive it.

Charlie Woods explains his fashion choice

In a post-round press conference during the event, Tiger and Charlie Woods both answered some questions, particularly in relation to the 82-time PGA Tour winner’s health and ability to play.

Toward the end of their time, Justin Thomas jumped in for a quick question. He asked Charlie about the secret behind his hat. Charlie was wearing a hat with ‘snoopy’ embedded in it. Snoopy is a comic-based dog, a beagle specifically.

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The question put a smile on the father-son duo’s faces. Charlie mildly chuckled and said, “It’s the hat that was in my closet that fits the best. That’s all I can say about it.” Tiger’s face showed amusement, laughter, approval, and a bit of contemplation. “Good answer” was his response to his son’s reply.

charlie woods

The duo answered a few other questions as well, like concerning the vibe of the tournament. Tiger was particularly asked to share the experience of playing with his son and other families. The 15-time major winner sounded like he enjoyed the experience overall. However, it seemed he was a bit disappointed with his slow recovery.

Tiger mentioned the word grief a few times. Charlie also spoke about his father’s health and form. Here is a recap of that part of the conference.

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Charlie Woods approves his father’s game

One question focused on what the duo learned about each other during the event. Tiger Woods looked at his son with a half-smirk and half-smile and suggested that Charlie answer.

Charlie Woods and Tiger Woods

Charlie started off by saying how he knew his father was a capable player. He shared his thoughts on the previous day’s performance and it resulted in a few chuckles from the crowd. Tiger Woods smiled too and got ready to react to it.

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Charlie said: “Yesterday, that’s the best he’s ever played in a while.” He took that even further and added, “And that kind of shocked me a little bit.” Tiger Woods nodded and smiled as he heard this. He playfully added, “Yeah, I used to be good.”

Tiger continues to struggle. He has not played any professional golf since the Masters earlier this year. Just like last year at the PNC Championship, fans are hopeful he will return soon and recreate his magic on the golf course.

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