Gervonta Davis avoids prison but will remain under house arrest

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Gervonta Davis has been released from jail but will be kept under house arrest for the next three months.

Davis was recently being celebrated for his sporting exploits after he knocked out American-Mexican fighter Ryan Garcia on April 22.

He is now being viewed in a very different light as he is under house arrest for an incident that actually occurred back in 2020.

He pleaded guilty last February to a 2020 hit-and-run incident and his sentencing was delayed until May 5. Davis had also admitted to four road traffic offences, including injuring a pregnant woman.

What was Gervonta Davis charged with?

Following his win over Leo Santa Cruz on October 31, 2020, the fighter was involved in the incident on Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard in the early hours of the morning.

Davis was driving and crashed and the boxer has been charged with 14 counts, one of which includes leaving the scene of an accident and bodily injury.

Davis was picked up by one of his friends and fled the scene. After many months since the incident, Davis was cleared to fight Garcia and receive sentencing this Friday.

Davis can celebrate avoiding jail time, although he will be home for 90 days, but he also has another pending issue, as he faces a misdemeanour assault charge stemming from allegations that he battered a woman during a heated argument on December 27.

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